Thursday, 3 October 2013

OOTD : take one step at a time

7th September was a special day as it was my siao siao's birthday and the day I started to dream big again. On that day instead of having lunch with my boyfriend and our friends I attended an empowerment training with my siblings. The training lit the fire in my heart again because the speaker himself was teaching us what he did to attain the success he have right now. The speaker taught us two simple things to make our dreams reality. First, we should always make use of our imagination, if you want things to happen think of it and attract it (Law of attraction from the Secret). Second, we should always be excited (once there is a momentum we should never stop). 

Here is the outfit I wore on that training. There is nothing new on my outfit as I did same approach here by pairing printed trousers and plain top (wherein the color of the top can be found on the trousers prints) . I am sharing this with you because the day I wore it is a special one.

My boyfriend is so sweet as he made time to meet me after he went to IT sale because he knows that I'll be super sad if I will not be able to meet him on his day. I asked him if we can have coffee and cake at Paris Baguette in Wisma Atria and he said okay however the queue is impossible. Lucky us there are lots of seat at Spinelli. I had three small cakes and chai latte and since he was hungry he had tapas and coffee. 

There is another reason why I am so happy today because he got a new camera so he could take my #ootd, if you have noticed some or maybe most of my outfit photos are of low quality because I was only using my iPhone 4 camera. I am such a lucky girl to have a boyfriend, best friend and a photographer (LOL).

Details :- 

Top :- Red long sleeves from H&M
Bottom :- Printed trousers from H&M
Bag :- Black studded sling bag from Aldo
Accessories :- Hat from H&M
Accessories :- Foldable sunnies from Cotton On
Accessories :- Spikes necklace from H&M
Accessories :- Spikes bracelet from Tomato and Forever21
Shoes :- Gray flats with spikes from Rubi

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