Saturday, 22 February 2014

High Tea at Medz

I believe no one can say no to any high tea and I am definitely sure that no one will say no to Medz' high tea. Last January, I and boyfie had our weekend date at Medz located at Orchard Central. I was so enticed with the display in front of the restaurant so we went for it. Visuals or displays play a big part these days in choosing a restaurant to dine in because of #instagram craze. Instagram has influenced the way people live in this modern day, food has to be delicious and it has to be #instagramble. 

I enjoyed the cakes this time than the savory treats because the bread was little burnt.What I love most about the high tea set was the rainbow cake and strawberry yogurt parfait.Here are the photos took that sweet afternoon, enjoy!!! On the 2nd week of Feb when I passed by the restaurant they had different promotion hopefully they will bring back the high tea promotion because the price was reasonable and the food was indeed yum and #instagramble.

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