Monday, 29 July 2013

OOTD : i got your back

I have been having this back pain for 2 weeks already and been using Salonpas patch to ease the pain. My sister is so kind enough and she treated me for a whole body massage at Touche. After having the body scrub and whole body massage I felt refreshed and the pain just went away.

This outfit is somewhat similar on my previous post here however instead of having printed bottoms i have leopard print top. Instead of wearing trousers or pants i opted for the skater skirt to give it a girly girl vibe.


Top :- Leopad print tee from Forever21 and Black vest from H&M
Bottom :- Black skater skirt from H&M
Bag :- Square brown and black bag from Charles & Keith
Accessories :- Necklace from Forever21 
Accessories :- Bracelets (skull, ombre) from GMarket
Accessories :- Black foldable sunnies from Cotton On
Shoes :- Leopard Print with studs loafers from Rubi

OOTD : its always a good day

The day I wore this outfit was a special day as it was my little brother 20th birthday and the first day I showed the world my new baby bag to the world. My day started out bad as I had a fight with the birthday boy but ended with a smile after having lovely dinner with my siblings. Any conflicts or differences can be resolved immediately if you listen and understand what the other is saying. It is always a good day if you end your day right.

On this outfit I had black long sleeve top layered with black vest to balance the print on my leggings and LV bag.


Top :- Black long sleeves stripes and Black vest from H&M
Bottom :- Brown and black printed leggings from Forever21
Bag :- Speedy bandouliere 25 from Louis Vuitton
Accessories :- Necklace from Forever21 
Accessories :- Bracelets from Forever21 and Tomato
Shoes :- Leopard Print with studs loafers from Rubi

Friday, 26 July 2013

Photo Diary : Staycation at Marina Bay Sands

There are moments when I go crazy and do weird and random things. One of the most random thing I did recently was booking at one of the most iconic building in Singapore the Marina Bay Sands. The highlight of our stay is being on the 57th floor; just relaxing with the beautiful view of the city it actually felt like we were the queen and king of the world. I enjoyed our stay that I wanted to stay a little longer but I can't afford it. 

Sometimes random things brings us the best memories and best times of our lives so be crazy and be spontaneous.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Photo Diary : Legoland Malaysia

I never get tired of visiting amusement parks so when I heard there is a new one in Johor Bahru, Malaysia I immediately searched for deals. Few weeks after its opening me and my boyfriend explored the newly opened Legoland, please enjoy the pictures.

Legoland is not for big boys as the rides are not too extreme. The amusement park I believe is especially designed for kids. 

I enjoyed our day in Legoland as there were too many spots where you can take pictures and there were miniatures replica of the tourists spots in Asia (its my favorite part as I've travel Asia in just 10 minutes). Even though the rides are not good compared to USS everyone will be in awe with the beautiful and detailed statues, spots and rides made up of lego pieces.