Wednesday, 3 July 2013

OOTD : follow the sign

It is always a good thing that my shift is in APAC as I can do more worthwhile things like shopping and going for a movie. I just love watching movies, it is entertaining and relaxing at the same time. Since my brother is a movie freak we always catch the latest movies in cinemas without fail. There were times when we don't have an option to choose from the list as we've watched all of the movies already. Please visit so you can travel with movies through the eyes of my brother.

Everyday is a special day but today is more special as I am going to meet Super Man from Man of Steel hahaha!!! 

I wore long sleeves because I get cold easily when inside movie house. My top is kinda loose so I paired it with leggings. This style was my fave when I was in college long top and leggings as its so light that you can wear it all day with any activities you have. 

How about you guys are you also a fan of leggings?


Top :- Blue and white long sleeves stripes from H&M
Bottom :- Black and Gray printed leggings from Trinoma
Bag :- Shopping bag with cool triangle prints from H&M
Accessories :- Necklace from Forever21
Accessories :- Shades from H&M 
Accessories :- Bracelets from Forever21 and Tomato
Shoes :- Gray flats with spikes from Rubi

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