Sunday, 22 September 2013

OOTD : future is brighter than yesterday

As we get older (me and my siblings) rarely go out together maybe it is because we have our own responsibilities and varying interests. It is a good thing that recently we found something that interests us all and that brings as closer than ever. We discovered a new sideline business which is related to food supplements. When we were young we never believed on food supplements and multi-level networking because we thought its all about scam however, this one we have is something different as the products are so effective and compensation plan is so good. If you are interested in being healthy and wealthy please feel free to comment so I can share the details.

I wanted to have that light and cool feeling hence I wore plaid and ombre cotton long sleeves paired with cropped denim pants and just finished it with gold ensembles and my favorite bag at the moment.

To complete our weekend date we went to EwF in Orchard Central. I wanted to have the Cha Sui Burger however it was replaced with Pork Belly burger, since its new on the menu I went for it and paired it with Sour Cream and Onion fries. My brother had Har Jeong Kai burger with Garlic fries. The burger that my brother ordered is one of the weirdest burger I ever tasted, it is a crispy chicken marinated with prawn paste (bagoong in Tagalog), I don't recommend it at all. However, I recommend the Pork Belly burger for pork lovers out there as the portion is so huge and the sauce is yum. I haven't tried their desserts as I am so full but I read that they got yummy cakes, so I might try it next time.

We went to some cute craft stores as well as I am in search for some items we might use on our office Wall of fame. I love the cut letters and symbols and the colorful paints shown below. 
Indeed, it was one of those lovely weekends with my siblings.

Details :-

Top :- Plaid and Ombre long sleeves from H&M
Bottom :- Cropped Denim pants from Bugis Street
Bag :- Speedy bandouliere 25 from Louis Vuitton
Accessories :- Gold necklace from Forever21
Accessories :- Shades from H&M
Accessories :- Spikes gold bracelets from Tomato and Forever21
Shoes :- Brown shoes with gold studs from So Fab

OOTD : chicago mix

I am inspired by the yummy gourmet popcorn from Garrett hence I named this outfit with their signature flavor that I order most of the time. If you haven't tried their popcorn I feel sad for you, LOL just kidding. If you find a chance to see one of their shop go and order chicago mix. Chicago mix is combination of two flavors (1) sweet CaramelCrisp and (2) savory CheeseCorn, the combination is perfect as you will find balance and its cheaper too because you can taste two flavors by paying same amount if ordering either just CaramelCrisp or CheeseCorn. Check out some of the gourmet popcorn flavors .

My outfit for today is a mix of two contrasting styles; girly and edgy. I paired my black mesh top with my pink floral shorts. I don't get tired mixing contrasting things because the result will always be fantastic and unique.

Details :-

Top :- Black mesh top from SandyJoy
Bottom :- Pink floral shorts from Uniqlo
Bag :- Black sling bag from H&M
Accessories :- Trinangle gold necklace from Femmex
Accessories :- Spikes gold bracelets from Tomato and Forever 21
Accessories :- Black and Gray Socks from Daiso
Shoes :- Black shoes  with spikes from Bugis Street (creepers in between, not sure of the name)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

OOTD : sunny days are better days

I love sunny days rather than rainy days but I love wearing cardigans and jackets (weird). Back in college one of my professor told us that only drug addicts wear jacket under the sun; Hmmm!!! I don't think so because I am not a drug addict but I wear cardigan or jacket under the sun. Last 25th Aug it was a sunny Sunday afternoon but I wore cardigan to hide my super big arms (see there's a purpose behind it). 

I really want to live in a country with a cold weather so I can wear cardigans more often out in the public without looking weirdo. Here is my simple outfit that is so me. I wore this on our "Mortal Instruments" movie date and Korean lunch date. The cardigan I have is a printed one hence I paired it with a white sheer sleeveless top with silver and gold details and since it is a bit long I wore a cropped denim pants.

The cardigan helped me as well to hide my big tummy after having Korean lunch. Sharing with you the yummy lunch we had that Sunday.


Top :- White sheer sleeveless top with gold and silver details from H&M
Top :- Black and white cardigan from H&M
Bottom :- Cropped denim pants from Bugis Street
Bag :- Black sling bag from H&M
Accessories :- Triangle gold necklace from Femmex
Accessories :- Skull earrings from Femmex
Accessories :- Spikes gold bracelets from Tomato and Forever21
Shoes :- Studded leopard loafers from Rubi

OOTD : lucky to have you

I just came back from my two weeks vacation, my longest bakasyon engrande this year. The food back home and my routine sleep, eat and sleep some more brought back the extra pounds I lost when I had my fruit diet. I wanted to cry but at the end of the day I am the one who should take responsibilities on my previous actions. I am thankful that my boyfriend loves me no matter what my waistline is (hahaha!!!). 

I really gained weight but its not an excuse not to look fab.On this outfit I did a basic pairing of a plain gray top and printed trousers. I added some gold accessories to match the metal on my new baby MK bag. To turn this simple outfit and give it an edgy look I wore my favorite shades and turban headband. Lastly, I wore my gray flats with silver spikes. I tend to mix silver and gold accessories some girls don't like it but I don't have any problems with it. How about you gals what do you think of mixing gold and silver items?

Details :-

Top :- Gray top from Froever21
Bottom :- Red and White trousers from H&M
Bag :- Purple Michael Kors Sling bag with gold chain from Reebonz
Accessories :- Shades from H&M
Accessories :- Turban headband from H&M
Accessories :- Triangle gold necklace from Femmex
Accessories :- Spikes gold bracelet from Tomato and Forever21
Shoes :- Gray flat with spikes from Rubi 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

OOTD : true blue

Every ending means a new beginning. 

Last 31st of July I spent my afternoon in Clarke Quay not to party but to have some quality time with my brother. I love spending time with the people I value because simple moments shared with them can turn into precious memories. My brother will go back home to Philippines after spending two months in Singapore. My emotions on his departure is combination of sadness and happiness. I am sad because I will miss him so much, we always eat and go out for a movie together and I am happy because I know it is best for his career to start in Philippines. Okay, enough of the drama here is what I wore and what we had on that sunny afternoon Wednesday.

I based my outfit on the colors found on my printed pants, it was a blue and maroon kind of day for me. This was one of my favorite outfit as it is simple and fresh. 

In case you are running out of inspirations on what to wear you can either check out fashion websites or or just look inside your own closet and start with the basics and add some elements or accessories to make it more special like what I did here (wore my fave hat).

Our ice cream from Haato & Co, not that yum but the view and my companion on that day made it perfect moment. 

My brother enjoying his banana split.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

LIKE : Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

I was in college when I started to apply basic makeup (eye shadow, blush on and lip gloss) but when I started working I realized I needed to add eyeliner and eyebrow pencil to define my eyes. However, during this evolution on my basic everyday makeup I always fail to apply something on my lips (I don't know if I am too lazy or I am too busy). Anyhow, my love for lip gloss or lip balm came back. Recently I caught myself coming back to 'kikay' version of me.

Sharing with you the latest brand of lip balm I'm using.

As you have noticed in the above the lip balm in orange (Rendezvous) was so overused hence did not post a close up picture which I bought from Guardian 2-3 months ago. The 2 new colors/flavors just came from our mailbox yesterday ; wine red (Adore) and purple (Darling) which I bought online from GMarket. I am so happy that I got the 2 new lip balm for just S$20 while the Rendezvous is S$18.90.

Please visit the direct link below to buy your Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain for a very cheap price.

I never thought that I would love this product as previously when I think of the brand Revlon the only thing that comes to my mind is hair dye (nyahahaha!!) which my mom used to apply on hair white hair. So far I only tried Rendezvous and I just love the vibrant orangy color and the minty taste. I'm sure I'll love the 2 new color and if budget permits I might get all the colors.

Please share your thoughts on this product as well or let me know of other great lip balm brands.

Monday, 9 September 2013

OOTD : be the happiest

Birthdays are great reminders that God loves us so much. Today (28th Jul) is my brother 29th birthday celebration and though it isn't my day I made sure to wear something lively and colorful. I paired the floral top with my boyfriend jeans to give it a balance look. 

Eating is one of the things we enjoy so much in our family hence you can see why we became chubbier over the years. There are no regrets though because once we eat together the differences we have are settled and any conflicts are reconciled. It does not matter what you eat or where you eat what matter the most are the people you share your meal with hence making the moment extra special.

Details :-

Top :- Floral top from GMarket
Bottom :- Blue jeans from Bugis Street
Bag :- Neon orange sling bag from H&M
Accessories :- Foldable sunnies from Cotton On
Accessories :- Pink hairband from H&M
Accessories :- Spikes bracelets from Tomato and Forever21
Shoes :- Jelly shoes from random shop in Lavender Station

OOTD : the good girl

I am not really a fan of dresses but lately I discovered the beauty of having dress instead of buying two separate items. Here is one of the outfits I had wherein I used my dress as a skirt. layered a knitted long sleeves on top of my polka dots dress.

Another great thing about wearing a dress is that you do not have to worry if you eat so much coz its flowy and has extra space. 

Here is one of our Mexican food adventure in a restaurant/bar in Bugis called Piedra Negra. The food is yum and the price is right plus the alley beside it is full of graffiti art which is good place for outfits shoots. I think I got myself a new background for my #ootd instead of the plain white background near our elevator :).  

Details :-

Top :- Knitted nude top from H&M
Bottom :- Polka dots dress from Cotton On worn as skirt
Bag :- Black studded sling bag from Aldo
Accessories :- Shades from H&M
Accessories :- Gold hair band from Morayta street vendors
Accessories :- Gold spikes necklace from H&M
Accessories :- Brown bracelets from New Look and Tomato
Shoes :- Leopard print loafers from Rubi 

OOTD : spikes strike

Lady Gaga and the koreans are the greatest fashion influences and inspiration I have this year. Anything or everything with spikes would make me gaga or crazy. I think if you put spikes in anything it would be an instant fierce item. Here is one of the outfits I've worn with spikes and studs overload.

Another great thing about this outfit is I paired denim over denim and mixed silver and gold accessories. The combination of these elements can be overpowering but since the color of the denim is light the output turned out to be okay. I am so lucky that the color of my denim jacket and shorts are very very similar though I bought them on different store.

Details :-

Top :- Gray shirt from Cotton On
Top :- Denim jacket with spikes from Kate Love
Bottom :- Denim shorts from Cotton On
Bag :- Black studded sling bag from Aldo
Accessories :- Shades from H&M
Accessories :- Flower and spikes hair band
Accessories :- Gold necklace from Forever21
Accessories :- Ring from Landmark Trinoma
Accessories :- Spikes from Tomato
Accessories :- Skull bracelet from GMarket
Shoes :- Gray flats with spikes from Rubi

Sunday, 8 September 2013

OOTD : hot n' cold

I got deal vouchers on one of the ice cream parlor in Clark Quay and since I am in night shift me and my brother went to claim it on a super duper hot Monday afternoon. However, when we were on the ice cream parlor we showed our vouchers and the staff told us that the claiming will only start on July 25, 2013, Oh Em Gee! we came too soon and got all excited I guess. Anyways, not to ruin this date we went to Swissbake in Central to have a coffee instead.
Here is what I wore on that day:

There are those times when plan don't work as we wanted them to but this could lead to something better like what happened to us.
Details :
Top :- Printed white shirt from Forever21
Bottom :- Washed cropped pants from Bugis
Bag :- Square brown and black bag from Charles & Keith
Accessories :- Bowler hat from H&M
Accessories :- Shades from H&M
Accessories :- Spikes Bracelets from Tomato and Forever21
Shoes :- Gray flats with spikes from Rubi