Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sunny day on one Saturday

Travelling around Singapore is so easy and convenient  you can go from both ends thanks to MRT lines.However, getting things in an easy way makes life boring. Every MRT station has a corresponding mall and these places always grab my attention and pulls me like a black hole  Most of my weekends in Singapore are spent either by staying at home or staying at a mall.

Last weekend I spent my weekend with my boyfriend by going to one of the beautiful places in Singapore. I have been to this place many times with my family and friends but every time I visit here its just so refreshing. The place that I am talking about is Botanical Gardens. It is so ironic that this haven is situated near the belt of shopping malls in Orchard.

Going to this kind of place recharges the body and mind. This is where you will appreciate the sun, wind, flowers, birds, ants and moments with your loved ones.Lying on the ground and seeing the beauty of the skies and the rays of the sun is better than sitting on a bench, please try it and you'll know.

Here are some of the snaps on one sunny Saturday.


I go gaga about shoes

Falling in-love with a guy can happen in once in a blue moon, falling in-love with shoes happens in just a blink of an eye.

Shoes are so magical and beautiful as the stars.Diamonds are girl's best friend they say, I say shoes are girl's weapon.

Here are the 2011 trends in Singapore

"the school-shoes"
This style of shoes can be best worn with skirt or shorts.

"hollow-block style"
This type of style is suited for petite girls out there, 
though it has thick platform it is very lightweight.

These babies are for sporty girls, wearing these won't just make you cool they will also make you hot.
I just love the red lace and the fab prints

Having a masculine touch in your outfit like these won't make you look 50-50 but will make you 100% fab.
These shoes are perfect for everyone regardless of age.