Friday, 4 October 2013

My Seoul Bucket List

I really want to go to Seoul way back 2006 however, due to financial reasons I was unable to. After three long years of working I guess I have saved enough and it is time for me to fulfill one of my dreams. I am beyond excited and the happiest when our visa got approved last Aug 2013. I want to make my first trip to Seoul, South Korea to be a memorable one hence I am creating this bucket list. My Seoul bucket list was inspired by the scenes on the Korean Dramas I watched over the years and some tourist photos from Instagram.

1. Get a photo taken at Incheon Airport arrival area
2. Eat ramyun at a convinience store
3. Eat tteokbokki on the streets
4. Eat odeng and drink its broth
5. Eat twigim (fried street food) and say "mucheo juseyo" to an ahjumma/ahjusshi
6. Go to AYCE korean bbq restaurant and eat as much samgyupsal, ogyupsal and galbi
7. Drink soju at a pojangmacha
8. Drink banana milk
9. Have korean ice cream (I read that koreans make yummy ones)
10. Go to a korean supermarket and try as much as free food samples
11. Try their fried chicken ( I read that koreans make the best fried chicken)
12. Have korean style pizza
13. Get a photo taken on Korean idols posters 
14. Get a photo taken with King Sejong statue
15. Get a piggy back ride from my boyfriend after getting drunk
16. Put a lovers lock at N Seoul Tower
17. Have a gimbap while strolling on the streets of Seoul
18. Watch a Korean movie while seated on couple seat
19. Go to Hongdae flea market on Saturday afternoon
20. Visit as many cute and themed cafes
21. Eat egg bread, sweet potato and hotteok while walking back to our hotel
22. Visit all the 5 palaces (Gyeongbokgung, Changgyeonggung, Changdeokgung, Deoksugung, Unhyeongung )
23. Go to Nami Island
24. Go to N Seoul Tower
25. Visit Teddy Bear Museum
26. Visit Trick Art Museum
27. Ride a bike along Han river
28. Have a picnic along Han river
29. Buy BB cream in Myeongdong
30. Have a late night shopping in Dongdaemun
31. Go to Insadong to buy souvenirs
32. Go bar hopping in Itaewon 
33. Visit a jjimjilbang and eat hard boiled egg
34. Watch rich people in Cheongdam
35. Buy couple shirts
36. Go to Gangnam and make a short video while dancing Gangnam Style like Psy
37. Ask for a discount while buying on the streets
38. Visit Lotte World
39. Watch street performances of talented artists
40. Take a picture outside YG headquarters
41. Get a new signature bag in Seoul (maybe MCM)
42. Take picture in a photo booth
43. Get outfit shoots on the streets of Seoul
44. Go to Coex mall
45. Have breakfast at Paris Baguette
46. Try uniquely Korean burgers at McDonalds
47. Visit Lotte world
48. Take a DMZ tour
49. Take Korean students photos
50. Tour an old neighborhood in Seoul

There are so many things I want to eat and visit in Seoul but the above are just my top 50(in random order) hopefully I can accomplish them (hwaiting!!!)


  1. so, how many on these list have you done? :)

    1. only 28 gurl :( i failed to do the others, maybe I'll do the others when we visit together