Saturday, 30 March 2013

I love Ramen

It is no doubt that Japanese food is so delicious and one of the best. Out of the long list of super yummy Japanese food "ramen" is my all time favourite (ramen is not only Naruto's favourite but mine as well.). Though I've never been to Japan I still satisfy my cravings and taste buds thanks to wide variety of food we have here in Singapore.

from one of Ramen Champion store
from one of Ramen Champion store

from one of Ramen Champion store

from one of Ramen Champion store
Cha Su Tonkatsu Ramen from RamenPlay

my fave and my boyfriend's fave ramen

Cha Su Double Soup Ramen from Ramen Play
from Aoba
from RamenTen
 from Ajisen
from a Jap restaurant in Dhoby Ghaut

The best I had so far is Cha Su Double Soup Ramen, whenever we visit RamenPlay I get so excited every time but still I am ordering the same thing over and over again starting on the day I tried it. My boyfriend has his favorite ramen as well from same restaurant Cha Su Tonkatsu Ramen so whenever we order it is a default that we will choose F4 and F8 code on the order form without looking at the menu. 
The soup and the noodles from RamenPlay are the best compared to Ajisen where there noodles is just like a spaghetti pasta. Visit for more information on their menu and locations.

Aside from RamenPlay, I started trying Ramen Champion in Bugis+ where there are 6 stores selling different style of the best ramen. Visit for more details. I am starting to love this place because there is a lot of options to choose from , there are many seats available  and ambiance is like a real Japanese ramen house (though I've never been to one hahaha) but one thing I dislike is that there is no free water, drinks are too overpriced!

Even though I have found "the one" (Cha Su Double Soup) there is still long journey for me to discover and taste the best ramen. In my next life (if there is) I want to be a Japanese so I can eat ramen everyday.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

OOTD : opposites attract

The weather keeps changing these days, sometimes it is super duper hot while just few hours later there will be heavy rains. Today it is like that when I look outside our flat I can see the sun shining so bright but when I was getting ready for the church I can see the sky is getting darker. The kind of weather on a particular day can determine your mood, your food preference and even your outfit. 

As the weather is unpredictable I choose an outfit that can be worn rain or shine.
Today I wore my fave green shorts paired with super light gray shirt since my top and bottom are made from cotton both are perfect for hot summer days. I added a flower scarf so in case it rains I have another piece which I can use for additional warmth. I wore my espadrille shoes together with my fave fake gold accessories to complete my whole outfit. 

with all the elements together except shoes
opposites attract

selca with my cat eyes
My outfit for today can be interpreted in either ...  way
1. girly or boyish 
2. chic or sporty
3. hot or cold
4. summer or rainy

flower scarf and gold accessories gave the feminine feel

shoes created the sporty and boyish feel

Remember this rule "opposites do attract", so don't be afraid to mix things and different elements together you might be surprise on the outcome. Combine feminine and masculine, branded and thrifty items, patterns and plains, old and new. Happy mixing and matching ;)

Top :- Gray shirt from Cotton On ($10)
Bottom :- Green shorts from Bugis ($12)
Bag :- Black bag with gold chain from H&M ($24.90)
Accessories :- Necklace from H&M ($14.90)
Accessories :- Ring from H&M ($3.90)
Accessories :- Bracelets (spike and brown leather)
Shoes :- Espadrille shoes from New Look ($15)  

Sunday, 17 March 2013

OOTD : red grenade

Finally weekend, yey!!! I so love weekends as I get to spend time with my boyfriend and siblings to dine, catch movies, go to church or shop. I treasure my weekends so much because during weekdays we all go to office and since I work in shifts I don't find time to interact much on my siblings and friends.

I woke up early today (around 8) coz me and my guy planned to go to Botanic Gardens (to get in touch with nature and to take photos with my flower crown :)) ) and eat breakfast in Jollibee. Since we are going to a park and it is a sunny Saturday again I decided to wear items made with light materials.

I arrived at Orchard MRT station around 10:00 AM and since my guy is not yet around I went to Lucky Plaza to order breakfast in Jollibee. Jollibee is Philippine's fast-food giant and its first branch in Singapore was opened last Mar 12, 2013, since I really miss the food from this fast-food store I queued and it took 1 hour and 40 minutes before I got to order my food. Our breakfast became brunch :( so our plan to go to the park was ruined (sigh) but anyways my tummy was happy. After having our brunch I went to H&M just to do window shopping but since there were so many pretty finds, sale items and uber cute accessories I was tempted again to buy some items though my shopping budget for this month was over :). I bought two cool knitted top on sale and one hat (which my guy paid for me as I am over budget). 

I wore a sheer white polo, maroon shorts and some gold accessories and colorful bracelets.The flower crown thingy plan was all over but thanks to my new hat I can rock my outfit later in the afternoon. The hat that I got really fits my outfit coz it is close to the shade of my shorts hence i derived the outfit as red grenade. 

Head pieces: Hat, Flower Crown and Combo
Me attempting to wear my flower crown at Jollibee
Yummy food from Jollibee that we miss much

Snap with Jollibee

I feel happy and so Japanese

Another selca :) can't get enough

Red Grenade Outfit

Later in the afternoon we (me and my bro) went to Sentosa to dine at Sky Loft for the deal voucher I got last time. The whole outfit matches the hot weather in SG so happy I went for it and the hat makes me look like a tourist hahaha!!!.

Food, Drinks and View from Sky Loft
While enjoying my mojito
@Sky Loft Sentosa

As mentioned in my earlier post I will share outfits which are less than $50 but I guess I can't live up to that promise as every time I sum up the total cost excluding the accessories and bag it is still over 50 :( anyways what I can promise is to share the prices of the items and try to create outfits which will be comfy and chic but will not cost that much.

Top :- Sheer top from Gmarket (12)
Bottom :- Shorts from Cotton On (15)
Bag :- Coach sling bag borrowed from my sis
Shoes :- Parisian Gold flats from SM (5)
Accessories :- Necklace from H&M (14.90)
Accessories :- Bracelet (Spike, Skull and pink hair band)
Accessories :- Hat from H&M (17.90)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

OOTD : flower power

It was a indeed a sunny Saturday last 9th Mar 2013 hence I decided to wear something light and comfy.I pulled a simple outfit I named as flower power.

The main focus of my outfit was my shorts with big flower prints. I paired it with a plain gray shirt to emphasize on the details of my bottom though the current trend now for fashionistas is to break the old rules like pairing prints on prints. 

I wore the outfit during noon time without stockings but during the night i added black stockings because I have to attend a mass :) (at least to hide a little bit of skin though it is sheer)

I created my own style about pairings on clothes and accessories, mine is combine feminine pieces with fierce pieces (all abou F) hahaha. Just what I did on this outfit I used my spike necklace and spike bracelets to give a kick and edgy look on my girly and summer outfit.

Top :- Gray shirt from Cotton On ($10)
Bottom :- Flower shorts from Bugis ($12)
Bottom :- Stockings from Daiso ($2)
Bag :- Gray bag from Tangs ($32)
Accessories :- Necklace from Tampines ($12)
Accessories :- Bracelets from Forever21 ($14)