Thursday, 11 April 2013

Green is Good

I am one of the people who rarely eat veg. salad and fruits because I don't find them delicious and  are kinda expensive but this changed recently. Last Holy Week my perception totally shifted, I started to try salad and fruits. 

I am so happy that I finally discovered the truth and the benefits of having green leafy salad and having fresh fruits instead of snacking on junk foods. I still love potato chips, Pretz, Doritos, crispy chicken and milk tea but I am more into salad and fruits these days. 

Below are some photos of my DIY salad by mixing everything colorful from our fridge.

Lettuce with crab stick , corned tuna and strawberry

Lettuce with crab stick, tuna, fried onions, and pineapple

Lettuce with ceasar salad dressing crab stick, carrots, corn, grapes and peaches
You can have your delicious and healthy salad without spending too much as you can make it yourself, it is up to you to be creative and resourceful. In my case when I made the two salads I just used tuna because I don't have salad dressing.

 Salad is just mixing of everything green and colorful.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

OOTD : viola violet

There are so many problems and trials that comes our way daily but I am sure blessings are more if we start counting and if we appreciate little things. 

I received a very good news from my younger brother that he will received a Latin Honor award on his graduation day, I am a very proud ate after hearing about it. Last Sunday, I passed my first ever certification for ITIL v3 Foundation (finally I got one!! yey!!) and my boyfriend got his 10th certification for Microsoft (he is uber addicted to studying). I thank God for all the blessings I got be it small or big.

I am happy...I am girly and flirty on my outfit. I wore my very old violet dress with lace details and I paired it with a plain gray shirt as it was sleeveless (I don't usually wear sleeveless as my arms are not sexy). I added a violet belt on the waist to bring the outfit together and for the final touches I choose accessories that will compliment each other (gold and black for necklace, bag and shoes).

Top :- Gray top from Cotton On
Bottom :- Violet dress worn as skit from Meg
Bag :- Black bag with gold chain from H&M
Accessories :- Necklace from GMarket
Accessories :- Ring from H&M 
Accessories :- Bracelets (spike and brown leather)
Accessories :- Violet belt from Forme
Shoes :- Flats with gold studs from Bugis

OOTD : sky is gray

shine bright

the accessories story
It is a dark Friday afternoon indeed, the sky is gray and heavy rains will pour out soon. On this gloomy day I just want to stay home and have a cup of tea or coffee but have to go to church today and pray.

The clothes or pieces I wear for a particular day mostly depends on the current weather because we must go with the flow so we can be comfortable. There are some people however that go against with the flow in Tagalog i call it "tiis-ganda" effect. Either way is fine as long as you feel good, you feel pretty and you can move around freely. 

me with my fail eye make-up
happy me with my new bag from Aldo
the awkward pose

Top :- Gray knitted top from Forever 21
Bottom :- Black pants from Bugis
Bag :- Black bag with gold chain from H&M
Accessories :- Necklace from H&M

Accessories :- Ring from H&M 

Accessories :- Bracelets (spike and brown leather)
Shoes :- Loafers with spikes from Bugis