Monday, 24 June 2013

Crazy Queue at Expo

Queuing has been always part of my college days, even though we have on-line reservation we have to go through a long agonizing pain standing just to complete our enrolment. I guess everyone hates to queue because time and energy gets wasted. Last Saturday, I experienced the same when I went to EXPO to attend Asia Style Collection. As per the e-Ticket the music and fashion extravaganza will start at 6:00 PM but we were in queue from 5:45 PM until 7:30 PM.

The event was held on Expo 3-4 but the queue extends till Expo 6. Oh boy! we were informed that we are on the wrong queue. Entrance A for Category B queue is outside, lucky us they started to let people in the venue as it is getting late.

The wait is finally over and just 5 minutes after we got in the show started, all the pain after a long queue vanished. I guess that's me I complain but will forget it after. Sometimes we have to go through some pain to appreciate the things around us (queueing is one of the ways :)).

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Dinner at Baja Fresh

There is something about Mexican food that is so addictive so when I saw Baja Fresh store on Rendezvous Hotel my tummy smiled :). I first came to know about Baja Fresh on one TV show in Channel 5 when they featured US branches and I became an instant fan right there and then.

After going to church we usually have quick snacks like tofu fries, milk tea or crispy chicken from "I <3 Taimei" but since mass ended a little bit late we wanted to have dinner instead. I had a great idea (hahaha!!) and asked my brothers to try out Baja Fresh though I am on a diet at that week.

We ordered combo meal good for 2 pax coz we don't want to waste our time thinking what to order (yeah sometimes we're like that lazy), also when in doubt order the promo combo meal. The combo meal that we ordered includes Baja Ensalada, Mini Chicken Burrito, Pork Quesadilla and 2 soft drinks, however we upgraded our drinks to bottled Mojito.

The food taste yum and fresh but for me its kinda expensive if you based it on the food serving size. The combo meal is not that worth it so may be next time I'll try ordering ala carte items and their ice margarita which is for S$5 only. There will be service charge added to your bill though its a fast food store but if you really want to satisfy your cravings for Mexican food and spending money is not a problem then Baja Fresh is for you. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

High Tea Buffet at Fullerton Bay Hotel

My sister got promoted from her job recently and she got 2 vouchers for a high tea buffet at Fullerton Bay Hotel as part of her freebies. I am so lucky that she chose me to go with her over my brothers (happy me!). Another thing that I am happy and excited about is that it would be buffet (oink! oink!). Whenever I hear the word 'buffet' its like I am in cloud nine, no wonder I gained weight :((.

The High Tea Buffet at The Landing Point in Fullerton Bay consists of three-tier of yummy and finger licking sandwiches, scones, savoury crepes, tarts and other baked goodies. Together with the small but heavenly creations you can either choose coffee or tea. The high tea buffet will cost you  S$43++ per person, yeah its a bit expensive but I tell you its worth it coz its refillable and the tea OMG its from TWG :) plus the place has cozy and warm ambiance which is so perfect.

The first layer consists of creme brulee and chocolate tarts. Second layer consists of sandwiches and other savoury goodies such as lobster in a cone and duck meat wrapped in an egg which I love the most (so addicting). Third layer consist of eclairs, kueh lapis and lemon tart. My favourite layer on the three-tier treat would be the second layer, I am fond of savoury items rather than sweet.

Afternoon teas would not be complete without macarons hence I asked the attendant if they have it tada they gave me 2 of 'em, so guys and girls make sure to ask/request this as well,  there is no harm in asking.

Oh I forgot, there will be some bread and jams that will be served before the three layer of sandwiches and sweets. We did not get a chance to try them because we know if we have them we will not be able to take in the main attractions hehe!!!.

I can't wait for another afternoon tea buffet session. How about you guys do you love afternoon teas as well?
You may try visiting this site for more  options, the article was written by a well-known food blogger from Singapore and he is one of my favourite blogger.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

OOTD : girl on fire

Wearing blue jeans can make any look more casual, it just gives that relax and comfy feel. 

In regards to my outfit today I paired my blue jeans with nude knitted long sleeve top and added red and brown accessories to make my look from casual to chic. Any plain, boring or simple outfit can be va va voom by adding the right set of accessories. I  love wearing the red hat, I feel like a musician and so Japanese in it. 

How about you gals which of the headpieces are you crazy about right now? Is it the flower crown, cat ears headband, fedora hats, spikes headband or the beanies?


Top :- Nude knitted long sleeves from H&M
Bottom :- Blue jeans from Bugis
Bag :- Red sling bag from Charles & Keith
Accessories :- Necklace from Gmarket
Accessories :- Red hat from H&M
Accessories :- Bracelets (spikes and brown leather) from Forever21 and Tomato
Shoes :- Leopard prints sandals(not seen in pix though) from Schu

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

OOTD : rocky road

I hate going to airports especially when you send someone off. It is always hard to say goodbye though you know you will see them again. Last 19th May we sent my parents and aunt to the airport after they had their 2 weeks vacation in Singapore.

In order to hide my feelings I wore sunglasses. Sunglasses are not only for beaches but must-have in every airport fashion outfits as it makes you look great even if you slept during your whole flight or if you cried while sending someone off, make sure you always have it handy in your bag. Part of my outfit on that day is an olive top which has similar colour to a military uniform to show a tougher side. I completed my look by finishing it with black shorts and dark green stockings, it kinda look like I'm wearing one piece though. 

Travelling is tiring but you must not sacrifice your style and you should always look fab any time and anywhere. The key in every airport fashion outfit is to have a lightweight and comfortable base so during scanning you won't take time removing jackets and accessories.


Top :- Olive knitted top from H&M
Bottom :- Black shorts from Cotton On
Bottom :- Dark green stockings from Topshop
Bag :- Black studded sling bag from Aldo
Accessories :- Necklace from H&M
Accessories :- Shades from H&M 
Accessories :- Bracelets (spike and brown leather) from Forever21 and Tomato
Shoes :- Loafers with spikes from Bugis