Sunday, 31 May 2015

OOTD : festive soul

With all the music festivals going on here and there I created this Coachella inspired outfit. I paired a white crop top with a printed skirt. I feel very bohemian with the prints found on my skirt but the double slit makes it very modern. To really achieve the modern and edgy bohemian look, I wore my cut out boots from Zalora. But my music festival ready outfit will not be complete without a flower crown, so.. yeah! I wore the fave one I got from Cotton On.


Details :-

Top :- White crop top from H&M
Bottom :- Skirt from Cotton On
Bag :- Louis Vuitton
Accessories :- Gold necklace from H&M
Accessories :- Gold rings from H&M
Accessories :- Flower crown from Cotton On
Accessories :- Daniel Wellington watch
Shoes :- Cut out boots from Zara

Saturday, 30 May 2015

OOTD : purple

I've been having a bad hair day for several months and that's a big deal for girls. Last March I decided to end my nightmare by visiting a salon. I went for a dark purple hair because it is somewhat close to black and its not too shocking. After sitting for several hours I felt pretty again. Having a healthy and pretty hair will make all the difference and it can give extra boost of confidence. The simple shirt and pants combo became badass because of my new hair colour. I felt like a rockstar with purple ;). Happy weekend to all!!

Details :-

Top :- Statement shirt from Zara
Bottom :- Pants from Bugis Street
Bag :- Studded bag from SM Department store
Accessories :- Shades from Somerset Flea Market
Accessories :- Necklace from Cotton On
Accessories :- Daniel Wellington watch
Accessories :- Skull ring from Myeongdong
Accessories :- Silver ring from Lovisa
Shoes :- Platform shoes from Bugis Street

Saturday, 23 May 2015

OOTD : why so serious?

Most of the bloggers these days get sponsorship from clothing companies and startup entrepreneurs but in my case I don't get any. Hence, the reason why I have to repeat some items from my wardrobe. Actually, I don't mind wearing the same item I wore on my previous ootd. I keep overusing the items that are uber comfy to wear. And I think by now you know which item I am referring to in this post; if you answered - jogger pants then you got it right!! There is no doubt that the jogger pants I'm wearing is part of my fave list and overly overused list. It is because the item is super comfy and very versatile that you can style it in any way you want. In this post I styled it by pairing it with classic print like polka dots and pointed flats to achieve the smart casual I was aiming. Hope you like how I styled it.xoxo

Details :-

Top :- Polka dots polo shirt from H&M
Bottom :- Jogger pants from H&M
Bag :- Balenciaga
Accessories :- Sunnies from Sunnies Studio
Accessories :- Necklace from H&M
Accessories :- Gold rings from H&M
Shoes :- Pointed flats from Zalora

Saturday, 16 May 2015

OOTD : summer in monochrome

Ah summer heat is really on but I'm still in monochrome. Though I'm not in summer color I felt comfy in this outfit because of the skirt. The skirt is shorter than what I usually wear which is perfect for the season. And of course a summer ootd will not be complete without a sunglasses so yeah! I put on this cat-eye style from Sunnies Studios. To complete the look and make it more summer-ready I wore my new favourite lippie from Wet n' Wild called Sugar Plum Fairy. If you are looking for a cheap lipstick with nice shade of purple which you can wear for a long time go get yourself one! it is just S$6. Happy shopping and enjoy the summer!

Details :-

Top :- Gray top from Bugis Street
Bottom :- Gray skirt from Zara
Bag :- Prada
Accessories :- Shades from Sunnies Studios
Accessories :- Necklace from Cotton On
Accessories :- Silver bracelet from H&M
Shoes :- Pointed flats from Zalora

Friday, 15 May 2015

OOTD : basic with a twist

This past few months I'm saying no to all the temptations. It is really hard to abstain from online shopping and retail therapy because trends these days are changing so fast. But I want to give myself a pat on the back because I was able to avoid many temptations though there are still times I give in :D. Oh well, it is indeed very hard to be a girl coz our wants are endless. It is a good thing that I have some basic pieces and was able to create this look without spending a dollar. I am wearing all black outfit again but this time I added some elements that will take my basic outfit to the next level. I layered two silver necklace to make a statement without  wearing a big chunky piece. I finish the look by wearing a hat with flower crown to make it appropriate for the summer. Having old pieces is sometimes good too because the constraints we have can make us more creative and resourceful. Happy weekend you all!

Details :-

Top :- Black A-line top from H&M
Bottom :- Black jeans from Forever21
Accessories :- Hat from H&M
Accessories :- Flower crown from H&M
Accessories :- Silver necklaces from H&M
Accessories :- Pandora bracelet
Accessories :- Silver rings from H&M
Accessories :- Shopping bag from Cotton On
Shoes :- Black platform shoes from Bugis Street

OOTD : i woke up like this

Sunday mornings are meant to be spent on bed but this was not the case this time. On the day after Heart's day I chose to wake up early. Actually I have a tendency to part ways with my bed earlier whenever I stay at a hotel. The breakfast buffet is the main reason why my relationship with my bed is getting ruined. Though this time the view around the pool side area cause the breakup too hahaha. I wore black from head to toe and the breathtaking  background made it to stand out even more.

Details :-

Top :- Black top from Bugis Street
Bottom :- Jogger pants from H&M
Accessories :- Necklace from Cotton On
Accessories :- Shades from Somerset flea market
Accessories :- Pandora bracelet
Shoes :- Sandals from H&M