Monday, 28 April 2014

OOTD : the tourist

The top I am wearing is a souvenir shirt given by my sis which she got from Hong Kong night market. Who would have thought that a souvenir shirt can be used for my touristy-street style- grunge look. The color of the shirt and prints made it easier for me to incorporate it in my look. I just can't wait to experiment and have fun in creating my outfits after I have done this. It feels so great when you turned something so ordinary into something extraordinary. The beauty of mixing & matching patterns and incorporating different texture, brands, style together can create awesome results. So gals have fun and don't be afraid in experimenting ;)

Details :- 

Top :- Souvernir shirt from Hong Kong
Bottom :- Gray midi skirt from H&M with Ombre checkered long sleeve from H&M
Bag :- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Accessories :- Hat from H&M
Accessories :- Necklace from Cotton On
Accessories :- Spikes bracelet from Tomato
Accessories :- Silver bracelet from H&M
Accessories :- Skull ring from Myeongdong
Accessories :- Silver rings from H&M
Shoes :- Gray flats with spikes from Rubi

Sunday, 27 April 2014

OOTD : the good girl gone bad

I've been to USS twice but last two weeks ago we finally got our annual pass. I've been wanting to get this pass for the longest time since I love theme parks. It excites me that I can visit Universal Studios Singapore for one year whenever I wanted to. However, aside from the rides I had this brilliant idea at the back of my mind. Me and my boyfriend can have our dates here instead of going to malls or parks. But most importantly I can take my outfit shots on this beautiful place bwahahaha.

I wanted to make our first visit with our annual pass special hence I chose not to have a t-shirt and shorts combo. I mixed different elements on my outfit to achieve that kpop-french-new yorker chic look. I paired statement t-shirt with my leopard trousers for a summer friendly look but I added a blazer to dress it up a bit (for picture purposes only since its too freaking hot). My cap and the background helped a lot in achieving the look I am going for. I am so happy with the result of my #ootd but I am the happiest since I have a new playground and a new outfit shot location #thanyouUSS.

Details :-

Top :- Tres Cool t-shirt from H&M
Top :- Black blazer from H&M
Bottom :- Leopard print trousers from H&M
Bag :- Black studded bag from SM Department store
Accessories :- Green cap from H&M
Accessories :- Beaded necklace from M)phosis
Accessories :- Silver bracelets from H&M
Accessories :- Silver rings from H&M
Shoes :- Black sandals from H&M 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Where to buy truffle oil in Singapore?

I super duper love fries and when I tried truffle fries my love for fries just grew deeper. I don't mind the calories I get while eating truffle fries. However, what worries me is that I might have higher credit card bills while dining to cafe and bistro. In order to save money while indulging to my truffle fries obsession I decided to do homemade truffle fries.The first step to my cure for my obsession is to find truffle oil.

Where to buy truffle oil in Singapore? 

1. Order online at
I did not go for this since there is $50 delivery fee since my order was below $200.

2. Visit Dean & Deluca at Orchard Central. 
I went today 26th Apr 2014 however, truffle oil is out of stock and supply will only arrive in the next 3 months.

3.  Go to Takashimaya Food Hall at Basement 2
My search for truffle oil is a success YEY!!! 
To find the treasure go to Takashimaya Basement 2 near TWG and Harrods section. I purchased the smallest bottle which is 40ML for $15.80. There are other sizes : 100ML for $31++ and 250ML for $65++.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

OOTD : the sleepy head

Friday, holiday and rainy are the perfect definition of a bed weather. Since it was rainy last Friday I decided to wear trousers and a thick crop top. I really love the trouser and crop top combo however, I look like a sleepy head on my pajamas. Anyhow, there are those days where you look bad but you are still happy because you are too comfortable with what you're wearing. This is definitely one of those outfits I won't regret wearing, its just too natural and care free. A big thanks to my jelly shoes for that pop of color that elevated #thesleepyhead outfit a bit. 

Details :-

Top :- Black and white crop top from H&M
Bottom :- Black printed trousers from H&M
Bag :- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Accessories :- Beaded necklace from M)phosis
Accessories :- Silver bracelets from H&M
Accessories :- Pink lucky ring from Myeongdong
Accessories :- Silver rings from H&M
Shoes :- Red jelly shoes from Cotton On

Friday, 18 April 2014

OOTD : the bunny

The weather has been crazy lately, it rains and then the next hour it will be so hot. The sudden change in the weather makes dressing up a little bit hard. However, I do not have to worry no more thanks to my super comfy trousers for being dual purpose. You can rock this kind of bottoms during hot summer days because the material is light weight and during rainy days where you need a little cover up. Aside from crop top these trousers are my latest obsession. Here is my outfit last Sunday when we visited the nearest cafe around our area. I felt like a bunny because of my headband and the super green grass #bunnyingingham.

Details :-

Top :- Sleeveless top from random shop in Malacca
Top :- Gingham top used as jacket from Bugs Street
Bottom :- Printer trousers from H&M
Bag :- Louis Vuitton
Accessories :- Stripes headband from Forever 21
Accessories :- Gold lion necklace from Cotton On
Accessories :- Green ESC ring from Myeongdong
Accessories :- Gold rings from H&M
Accessories :- Gold bracelet from H&M
Accessories :- Casio watcha
Shoes :- Black shoes with gold studs from Rubi

Saturday, 12 April 2014

OOTD : feeling the vibe

My feed in Instagram was bombarded with Coachella related posts which inspired my outfit yesterday. I combined floral and line prints for that fun vibe, i find mixing two prints exciting because it gives that extra kick in any outfit. Anything goes during Coachella festival from -- boho, sexy, hippie and crazy. Most of the girls wear shorts, sunnies, t-shirts and florals but there is actually no rule as long as you have that youthful-fun-crazy vibe. Here is my attempt for a Coachella look. I am thousand miles away from the event and have not attended any music festival yet but hey a little imagination and inspiration from fave bloggers can help you hehehe!!!

Details :-

Top :- White muscle tee with spikes from H&M
Top :- Cardigan with line prints from H&M
Bottom :- Skirt with floral prints from Cotton On
Bag :- Balenciaga
Accessories :- Shades from Forever 21
Accessories :- Gold necklace with small cross from H&M
Accessories :- Gold bracelet from H&M
Accessories :- Gold rings from H&M
Accessories :- Belt from Bugis Street
Shoes :-Black sandals from H&M Divided

Sunday, 6 April 2014

A weekend well spent

Sundays are family day but sometimes since my siblings have their own schedule we are unable to go out. This weekend is one of my fave this year since I was able to go out on a date with my sister. We were able to attend the 9:00 AM mass, went shopping at Somerset and had lunch at EwF. Sharing the photos I've taken at H&M Somerset and during our lunch at EwF.

OOTD : striking stripes

I woke up early yesterday because I planned to go for an early jogging but it was raining so hard. Since I cannot pursue my plan I just finished one of my mandatory e-learning so as not to ruin my precious weekend. The rain stopped in the afternoon and instantly my gloomy face started to brighten up hehehe. It was a good thing and such a blessing that it stopped raining. I was able to do my outfit shot and have a movie date with my boyfriend.

I make sure to look good in my outfits because I want to feel good about myself at the same time feel pretty in the eyes of my love (cheesy!!!). My outfit looks like a one piece dress because the color and line of the top and bottom are similar. Yesterday I paired a stripes top with a stripes skirt and I just love the matchy matchy result. I also love my new shoes from H&M since they are black and they gave me an extra inch without having to suffer any kind of pain. Can you see how happy I am? 

Details :-

Top :- White and blue stripes top from H&M
Bottom :- White and blue stripes from SM Department Store
Bag :- Black bag with gold spikes from SM Department Store
Accessories :- Gold lion necklace from Cotton On
Accessories :- Gold bracelet from H&M
Accessories :- Gold rings from H&M
Accessories :- Belt from H&M
Shoes :- Black sandals from H&M Divided