Monday, 20 October 2014

OOTD : okay, i got it

Korean feels in the house :D. I guess its very evident that I super duper love Koreans from their kkbq, K-dramas, K-pop and K-style. No one can argue that it is them who became one of the leaders of trends from technology, automobile, beauty and music. They are the trendsetters of this generation. The Korean wave or Hallyu dates back in 1990 but it became widespread due to K-Pop. 

My addiction to all things Korean made me want to learn Hangul. Back in 2012 I enrolled to study basic Hangul but due to my busy schedule I could not pursue the next levels. I forgot most of the the basics that I learned back then huhuhu but my love for them will never fade. Though I am no longer that updated to the latest K-pop songs and still does not know Hangul I still have interest in attending concerts for my favorite girl group. I don't care if I don't understand the lyrics but I love their performance and their style. I so love 2ne1 that they became one of my fashion inspirations and role models. Here is the outfit I've worn on their recent concert with the whole YG family. All of the performances were so over the top and daebak!!! I really enjoyed the concert that language did not matter at all hehehe. Anyways, here is my korean-wannabe outfit :D

Details :-

Top :- Gray shirt from H&M
Bottom :- Maxi skirt from Femmex
Bag :- MCM
Accessories :- Cap from Dongdaemun
Accessories :- Gold bracelets from H&M
Accessories :- Gold necklace from H&M
Accessories :- Cross earrings from H&M
Shoes :- Black shoes with spikes from Bugis Street

Sunday, 19 October 2014

OOTD : hazelnut

Hey, please don't judge me for wearing sunnies while inside the mall. It was too freakin' hot outside so I opted to have my ootd sesh inside the mall. It is BER months already but the temperature in Singapore is still as hot as summer. Though its super hotty hot I still went for black because just like that I can't help it LOL. However, there is something new this time, I paired black with brown which I don't usually do. Black and brown for me are somewhat mature colors (hahaha forgive me for the lack of terms) so to make it still age appropriate I added fun and playful element to my outfit. Can you guess what it is? If you answered leopard espadrilles then you got it right :). I'm loving the casual yet quirky touch added to the whole look. If you are interested with affordable yet stylish shoes make sure to check out Zalora. Oh and by the way be sure to enter this code ZBAP0pR while checking out to get 15% off. xoxo

Details :-

Top :- Brown top from Forever21
Bottom :- Midi skirt from GMarket
Bag :- Louis Vuitton
Accessories :- Gold necklace from H&M
Accessories :- Gold rings from H&M
Accessories :- Gold bracelet from H&M
Accessories :- Rayban
Shoes :- Leopard espadrilles from Zalora

OOTD : check' in

Waking up early becomes a struggle for everyone during weekdays.To others it might still be difficult to get out of the bed on a Saturday after partying the other night. But  I'm an exception to that, whenever weekend starts I want to fully utilize it. This is one of those Saturdays when I woke up earlier than those other weekends, know why? It was the day when we claimed our iPhone 6 at Marina Bay Sands during the Singtel event. iPhone 6 were being sold like pancakes and I could not be any happier to be holding one. After four long years finally I'm letting my iPhone 4 rest. I'm quite sad to be ending my 4-year relationship but at the same time I'm excited to start new adventures. Speaking of adventure I went a little gaga over prints that day. Hope you like it. xoxo

Details :-

Top :- Crop top from H&M
Bottom :- Gingham skirt from GMarket
Bag :- Louis Vuitton
Accessories :- Shades from F&G
Accessories :- Casio watch
Accessories :- Gold rings from H&M
Shoes :- Black shoes with gold studs from Bugis Street

OOTD : sunday chill

Back in those days when I was still slim I really hated wearing super short shorts. These days that I'm so fat I'd push myself to wear one hihi. Though my sister is giving me those weird stare whenever I go out in short shorts, I still love being in them. But there is still this fear of being stared by strangers. In order to keep me secure while outside I always have a plaid shirt tied to my waist for some cover up. If you are like me who finds trouble wearing short shorts then don't hold back anymore just throw in a plaid shirt. The plaid shirt does not only provides a cover up but it also gives that strong street style punch. xoxo...

Details :-

Top :- Gray knitted shirt from H&M
Bottom :- Black shorts from Cotton On
Bottom :- Plaid shirts tied on the waist from Cotton On
Bag :- BCBGeneration
Accessories :- Gold necklace from H&M
Accessories -: I <3 Paris earring from Jonker Walk
Shoes :- Jelly shoes from Rubi

Saturday, 18 October 2014

OOTD : the drama queen

I've always wanted a tutu skirt when I was a kid because I find it magical. However, I was unable to wear one because my parents did not have money to send me to ballet school and to buy me one. One day while browsing through Femmex I immediately added one item to my cart without hesitation. Guess what?! ehem its a maxi skirt made of tulle...if you've seen my face while checking out you'll think I'm crazy. But, hey! no one can blame me because its a maxi skirt and its black in color. Lately I've been obsessing about all things maxi coz its effortlessly chic and class. Maxi skirts or maxi dresses are not meant for short girls but if you want it just wear it (oho that rhymed). Here is my gangster queen look with my maxi tulle skirt. Hope you like how I styled it. xoxo

Details :-

Top :- Black crop top from Her Velvet Vase
Bottom :- Maxi tulle skirt from Femmex
Bag :- Rebecca Minkoff
Accessories :- Gold necklaces from H&M
Accessories :- Rayban shades borrowed from my boyfriend
Shoes :- Sandals from H&M

OOTD : be who you want to be

I haven't read the Fifty Shades of Gray but I guess I'm gonna see it on the cinema. But lets forget that about it for now and concentrate on my outfit. I paired a gray shirt with a printed short shorts and a knitted cardigan for my look. Long ago, I didn't like wearing plain shirts because I find them boring but not anymore. These days I've been overusing my gray shirt since its a good base. Now I learned to love simple shirts coz its easy to play with them. Truly great things starts from the basics. xoxo

Details :-

Top :- Gray shirt from H&M
Bottom :- Printed shorts from Cotton On
Bag :- Rebecca Minkoff
Accessories :- Gold necklace from H&M
Accessories :- Shades from Bugis Street
Shoes :- Sandals from H&M

Saturday, 4 October 2014

OOTD : chanel colors

Good morning!!! are you enjoying your weekends? I did enjoy mine yesterday and I'm planning to maximize the rest of it awooo!!...Speaking of enjoyment here is a throwback of our weekend staycation last month at Sofitel So Singapore. Yup you heard that right! this ootd was actually taken exactly one month back and yeah I guess such a lazy blogger. I am trying very hard to keep this blog updated however, I am currently hooked with my K-dramas and have been busy with work lately. Anyhow, lets move one and have positive vibes.

I am always in good mood whenever I go shopping and my fave store is H&M. I am such big fan of H&M and it clearly shows on my outfit; all the items that I'm wearing are from them except the bag and flower crown. Crazy right?! whenever I visit their stores I'll surely get something that hurts my wallet huhuhu!!! My wallet cries not because the items I'm purchasing are expensive, it is because I don't have much money for shopping....I wish there would come a time that whenever I go shopping I don't have to look at the prices #wishfulthinking. Though I'm not yet rich, I feel like one whenever I wear black and white or any monochromatic outfit,  sssshh!!!! that is a secret. Though to others it may seem boring. If you are one of those people who have not yet tried putting a monochromatic outfit, I tell you don't be afraid and try it on. You can still play around with black and white by adding texture and a hint of fun just like my flower crown. Hope you like it. xoxo 


Details :

Top :- Printed top from H&M
Bottom :- Faux leather skirt with studs from H&M
Bag :- Rebecca Minkoff
Accessories :- Spikes necklace from H&M
Accessories :- Flower crown from Cotton On
Shoes :- Sandals from H&M