Sunday, 17 February 2013

OOTD : i am an army

I guess I can't do anything about the weather hence I will just be positive and just grab this opportunity to wear clothes which I rarely wear during summer. The title of my post is "i am an army" due to the colour of my long sleeve polo shirt :). Since the length is a bit longer than other top I paired it with my very old printed leggings and wore the same bag I had yesterday to add a pop of colour.

The total cost of my "i am an army" outfit is $50 wiw!! just within my budget luckily I recycled my old clothes else ill be over my budget again :).

Top :- Long sleeve from Cotton On ($25)
Bottom :- Zebra print leggings (old piece)
Shoes :- Studded shoes from Bugis ($25)
Bag:- Red bag from Charles and Keith (from credit card points)
Accessories :- Necklace from Gmarket ($8)

OOTD : red velvet

It is rainy season already during these days all I want is to stay at home watch Korean dramas or just sleep all day. Today it is raining hard as usual but since it is a special day I need not force myself, I am just happy and so full of energy to go out and have my date <3. 

Today is one of the most celebrated day for all couples all over the world, Valentine's Day !!! Love is in the air :). 

As it is a special day I tried something new. I don't really wear skirt but since the cut and length of the skater skirt is just perfect hence I've decided to try it on. I paired it with long sleeve polo with black cross prints to still give it a rock star feel.

As mentioned in my previous post I will write articles on some of the outfits I'll be wearing wherein the cost will be less than or equal to 50 dollars (excluding bag and accessories).The total cost of my "red velvet" outfit is $64 over my threshold limit :((. I will try to stay within budget next time :) but hope you like my first outfit post.

Top :- Long sleeve with black cross prints from  H&M (24)
Bottom :- Red velvet skater skirt from Bugis (15)
Shoes :- Neutral wedge shoes from Mimosa (25)
Bag:- Red bag from Charles and Keith (from credit card points)
Accessories :- Necklace from Gmarket (8) and Bracelets from Forever21 (13)

Friday, 8 February 2013

Tea time & Chat time

Friday nights are the best time to party but since I am not a party girl & I am not really feeling well last night I had a tea party instead. 

Partying is not all about dancing and about loud music sometimes it is about relaxing and chatting with someone and listening to what the others have to say about their day or their life. Tea parties can be enjoyed any time of the day you can have it either before or after meal. Yesterday I had this tea set from 'Little House of Dreams' with my boyfriend called 'Marie Tea Set', the name itself reminds me of England and queens :). I am so happy that I spent my time with my prince charming :)) chatting and day-dreaming while sipping a cup of tea and enjoyin' sweet little treats at least it eases the pain of not having my girl friends beside me.

Marie Tea Set includes:

2 petite cupcakes and 2 choc dessert
2 savoury canapes and 2 petite scones
1 pot of tea
I am not that satisfied on the size of serving (I want more!!!) and the ambiance but overall experience was good as it is the first time I enjoyed tea without milk :) and spending quality time with siao siao.

I am looking forward for more tea parties to schedule on my date book where I can sip a cup of tea, chitchat with my friends and eat yummy treats in a cozy and relaxing cafe.

rose tea (without milk) surprisingly i love it

my 2013 date book from Tomato
sweet and savory treats

A start of something new

I spent most of my free time through my fave hobbies/activities such sleeping, eating, dating, shopping, complaining, travelling, cam-whoring and watching Korean dramas.

It is now 2013 and I am getting older day by day (OMG I'm already 23) I guess it is time to add more worthwhile activities to my list 1. baking, 2. reading books and 3. blogging 

(1) Baking

Yummy cupcakes, lovely macarons and uber creative cakes from coffee shops, cafes and cake stores all around Singapore inspires me to add baking to my list. This time I just don't want to buy but I wanted to do all of these yummy bake goods with my own hands :). Hopefully it will bring some creativity in me and of course they would be yummy and pretty same as the one available in the market.

I just bought these cookbooks with yummy recipes as I am so excited and eager to start baking yay.

Cookbooks with yum yum recipes
Cake from 'The Icing Room'

Cupcakes from 'Twelve Cupcakes'
Coffee Latte and Green Tea Macarons

(2) Reading Books

I do read books when I was still studying (books related to my school subjects) but I never had a chance to read other types of books  :((

This year I made a new year resolution that once a month I must finish at least one book. 
The first book I read for the month of Jan was written by Bo Sanchez 'Stop Hidden Addictions', I guess this book was the influence why I am adding these 3 new activities on my list :), so inspired and diverting my time and energy to worthwhile activities that will enrich my life.

Jan and Feb book ;)

(3) Blogging

It is been my lifelong dream to share my thoughts to the world in a way that I can inspire other people.I don't know how yet but I will take this little step though blogging my daily experiences and happy adventures overseas. I would be active in blogging about food, fashion and fun cause my blog is 'All About F'.

Regarding my fashion blog post I would like to feature outfits wherein the total cost would be only $50 (excluding bags and accessories).
I am taking this challenge to prove to you guys that there is no discrimination in fashion. You just have to be who you are so the world will see how beautiful you really are.

Please kindly support me and hopefully I could write something that will be helpful and useful to others. (fighting!!!)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Comfort can be source of your confidence

I am wearing this lovely pair of shoes for 2 consecutive days now to office and i guess i want to wear them forever because they are so comfy. 

Girls who wear heels look more powerful but this saying does not apply to me now :)) thanks to my flats with studs. I feel like a rock star and a real star when I wear them ;). 

Even big boss can't help but notice my shoes. it is a match made in heaven for me and this pair. it really boost my confidence to the next level though I am wearing flats. happy feet ;)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Is it Tuesday or Shoesday?

Last Saturday saw these babies in Dhoby Ghaut Aldo, immediately I fell in love with them but I have to say no as I am on a tight budget this month. But since I am a girl who will no stop until she gets what she wants I decided to go to one of my fave places in Singapore.

Lucky me I am in morning shift today and I decided that Tuesday can be Shoesday (sounds the same right?!)

I just bought 2 pairs of my favorite fashion statement piece (yehey) without spending too much and ruining my budget.I am so happy I met these babies. Boys and gals please comment below if you think these babies are fierce and sexy.

02052013: so comfy i am in cloud nine

02052013: so sexy and adorable

Fashion is fun!!! Do not sacrifice your style even if you are on a tight budget.

Exploring Malacca

It is a good thing that I am in Singapore as it allows me to explore historical place such a Malacca. Another weekend (26-27 Jan 2013) spent wisely and with lots of fun and with my boyfriend.

Few of the landmarks we've visited.

Jonker Walk

Melaka Church
Melaka Tower
A trip won't be complete without trying street food and local food.
Tornado Potato
Local Food

New inspiration on my future business :) The place and their drink is awesome plus you can get a free wifi

a corner full of cute little things
awesome tea house found in Jonker Walk
Go and explore this historical place with modern touch, you might get your inspirations too.