Tuesday, 8 October 2013

OOTD : be happy be jolly

There are so many great and small things that are happening in our lives however we often missed to see them. These days people are always in a rush or are always busy with their smart phones. 

To escape from the fast-paced weekdays, my friends and I decided to visit Gardens by the Bay last Sep 2013. Being with nature recharged our low bat energy and opened our minds to appreciate everything we have. Flowers and trees are one of the reminders that God loves us hence if you are stressed or depressed just visit any park so you can think clearly and be reminded of His love. Always be happy and be jolly because life is too short to be stressed.

This is the second outfit I had when we visited Gardens by the Bay, since I am happy I wore something eye-catching and that screams happiness. On this outfit the key on achieving my goal is the red skater skirt, color red is too powerful and could have different meaning but on my outfit that day it symbolizes love and happiness. The color of our outfits most of the time tells what we feel that day, so be careful in choosing the color that will represent you.

Details :-

Top :- Stripes top from Forever21
Bottom :- Red skater skirt from GMarket
Bag :- Black sling bag from H&M
Accessories :- Foldable sunnies from Cotton On
Accessories :- Spikes necklace from GMarket
Accessories :- Colorful skull bracelet from GMarket
Accessories :- Ombre bracelet from GMarket
Accessories :- Red bracelet from Paperdolls
Shoes :- Brown loafers from Rubi

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