Thursday, 3 October 2013

OOTD : go out and see the world

The new camera that my boyfriend got on his birthday has a promotion so on the last day of IT sale we went to Expo to avail the purchase with purchase. Yehey!!! he got me a new camera which is an older version of his, its older but I am still thankful (I am one lucky girl). At that time itself we planned our next weekend adventure so we can utilize our new babies. What better way to celebrate and welcome our new cameras? Hmmmm obviously to go to a place where everything is clean and green : Gardens by the Bay.

Sharing with you only the #ootd photos that were taken by my boyfriend and not the nature photos. Unfortunately, I did not have many nature photos on my camera as I became a full time model that day (LOL) and it rain again after we took outfit photos huhuhu!!!. Since we decided that we will go to Gardens by the Bay one week in advance I had time to think on what to wear, here is what I came up with. I wanted to look like a photographer and adventurer hence I wore a long sleeve light green polo shirt (the color of it can be found on camouflage patterns)  which I think is worn by most of zoo keeper, nature lover and photographers hahaha!!! To achieve my adventurer look at the same time I chose backpack instead of a shoulder or sling bag and shorts like #doratheexplorer.

By the way I wore shades even though there is no sun as my eyebags are so big (same with a panda) due to my night shift schedule.

Details :-

Top :- Light Green long sleeves from Cotton On
Bottom :- Pink floral shorts from Uniqlo
Bag :- Brown backpack from SM Department Store
Accessories :- Foldable sunnies from Cotton On
Accessories :- Spikes necklace from H&M
Accessories :- Spikes bracelets from Tomato and Forever21
Accessories :- Studded belt from Bugis Street
Shoes :- Brown loafers from Rubi

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