Sunday, 6 April 2014

Paris Baguette at Wisma Atria

Finally I was able to visit Paris Baguette at Wisma Atria last Monday yahoo!!!. During weekends its always jam-packed so I was unable to go. I've been wanting to try out their cakes and pastries for the longest time since the cafe opened here in Singapore. 

Paris Baguette is not associated with Paris or France, it one of the famous cafe chain that originated from South Korea. The cafe offers several items from breads, sandwiches, cakes, puddings, salads and coffee (and oh yeah they have brunch items too). The prices of the items are quite expensive compared to other cafes and bakeries. However, I personally think the price is still reasonable because of the quality of their products (or maybe I am being biased here because its from Korea LOL!!!). Enjoy the photos I managed to take while I was on queue.

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