Sunday, 27 April 2014

OOTD : the good girl gone bad

I've been to USS twice but last two weeks ago we finally got our annual pass. I've been wanting to get this pass for the longest time since I love theme parks. It excites me that I can visit Universal Studios Singapore for one year whenever I wanted to. However, aside from the rides I had this brilliant idea at the back of my mind. Me and my boyfriend can have our dates here instead of going to malls or parks. But most importantly I can take my outfit shots on this beautiful place bwahahaha.

I wanted to make our first visit with our annual pass special hence I chose not to have a t-shirt and shorts combo. I mixed different elements on my outfit to achieve that kpop-french-new yorker chic look. I paired statement t-shirt with my leopard trousers for a summer friendly look but I added a blazer to dress it up a bit (for picture purposes only since its too freaking hot). My cap and the background helped a lot in achieving the look I am going for. I am so happy with the result of my #ootd but I am the happiest since I have a new playground and a new outfit shot location #thanyouUSS.

Details :-

Top :- Tres Cool t-shirt from H&M
Top :- Black blazer from H&M
Bottom :- Leopard print trousers from H&M
Bag :- Black studded bag from SM Department store
Accessories :- Green cap from H&M
Accessories :- Beaded necklace from M)phosis
Accessories :- Silver bracelets from H&M
Accessories :- Silver rings from H&M
Shoes :- Black sandals from H&M 

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