Sunday, 22 September 2013

OOTD : future is brighter than yesterday

As we get older (me and my siblings) rarely go out together maybe it is because we have our own responsibilities and varying interests. It is a good thing that recently we found something that interests us all and that brings as closer than ever. We discovered a new sideline business which is related to food supplements. When we were young we never believed on food supplements and multi-level networking because we thought its all about scam however, this one we have is something different as the products are so effective and compensation plan is so good. If you are interested in being healthy and wealthy please feel free to comment so I can share the details.

I wanted to have that light and cool feeling hence I wore plaid and ombre cotton long sleeves paired with cropped denim pants and just finished it with gold ensembles and my favorite bag at the moment.

To complete our weekend date we went to EwF in Orchard Central. I wanted to have the Cha Sui Burger however it was replaced with Pork Belly burger, since its new on the menu I went for it and paired it with Sour Cream and Onion fries. My brother had Har Jeong Kai burger with Garlic fries. The burger that my brother ordered is one of the weirdest burger I ever tasted, it is a crispy chicken marinated with prawn paste (bagoong in Tagalog), I don't recommend it at all. However, I recommend the Pork Belly burger for pork lovers out there as the portion is so huge and the sauce is yum. I haven't tried their desserts as I am so full but I read that they got yummy cakes, so I might try it next time.

We went to some cute craft stores as well as I am in search for some items we might use on our office Wall of fame. I love the cut letters and symbols and the colorful paints shown below. 
Indeed, it was one of those lovely weekends with my siblings.

Details :-

Top :- Plaid and Ombre long sleeves from H&M
Bottom :- Cropped Denim pants from Bugis Street
Bag :- Speedy bandouliere 25 from Louis Vuitton
Accessories :- Gold necklace from Forever21
Accessories :- Shades from H&M
Accessories :- Spikes gold bracelets from Tomato and Forever21
Shoes :- Brown shoes with gold studs from So Fab

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