Saturday, 14 September 2013

OOTD : true blue

Every ending means a new beginning. 

Last 31st of July I spent my afternoon in Clarke Quay not to party but to have some quality time with my brother. I love spending time with the people I value because simple moments shared with them can turn into precious memories. My brother will go back home to Philippines after spending two months in Singapore. My emotions on his departure is combination of sadness and happiness. I am sad because I will miss him so much, we always eat and go out for a movie together and I am happy because I know it is best for his career to start in Philippines. Okay, enough of the drama here is what I wore and what we had on that sunny afternoon Wednesday.

I based my outfit on the colors found on my printed pants, it was a blue and maroon kind of day for me. This was one of my favorite outfit as it is simple and fresh. 

In case you are running out of inspirations on what to wear you can either check out fashion websites or or just look inside your own closet and start with the basics and add some elements or accessories to make it more special like what I did here (wore my fave hat).

Our ice cream from Haato & Co, not that yum but the view and my companion on that day made it perfect moment. 

My brother enjoying his banana split.

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