Saturday, 13 July 2013

OOTD : christmas in july

I am a lucky girl because my boyfriend got me a new baby last week; he finally got me speedy bandouliere 25 from Louis Vuitton as his gift for our six year anniversary. My boyfriend is a guy who doesn't like branded things as he is okay as long as it is usable and it serves its purpose. I wanna jump for joy not only because of my new LV bag but obviously I am  beyond happy and thankful that we've come this far and stayed together for six sweet years.

This was my tourist outfit on our second day in Sentosa. The colors of my outfit clearly screamed what I felt at that moment happy and joyful just like during Christmas.

I haven't used my new baby bag because I still love my bag (kind of shopping bag because its so light and easy to carry) even though my siblings always tease me that I look like an old lady and beggar in it. It does not matter whether its branded or not as long as I have a bag with me I will always feel complete and secure. I will feel lost and confuse whenever I don't have one. 

How about you gals can you afford to go out without a bag? 


Top :- Green and Red Checkered long sleeve from Bugis
Bottom :- Maroon shorts from Cotton On
Bag :- Shopping bag with cool triangle prints from H&M
Accessories :- Necklace from Forever21
Shoes :- Leopard studded loafers from Rubi

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