Monday, 24 June 2013

Crazy Queue at Expo

Queuing has been always part of my college days, even though we have on-line reservation we have to go through a long agonizing pain standing just to complete our enrolment. I guess everyone hates to queue because time and energy gets wasted. Last Saturday, I experienced the same when I went to EXPO to attend Asia Style Collection. As per the e-Ticket the music and fashion extravaganza will start at 6:00 PM but we were in queue from 5:45 PM until 7:30 PM.

The event was held on Expo 3-4 but the queue extends till Expo 6. Oh boy! we were informed that we are on the wrong queue. Entrance A for Category B queue is outside, lucky us they started to let people in the venue as it is getting late.

The wait is finally over and just 5 minutes after we got in the show started, all the pain after a long queue vanished. I guess that's me I complain but will forget it after. Sometimes we have to go through some pain to appreciate the things around us (queueing is one of the ways :)).

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