Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Photo Diary : Universal Studios Singapore

I've been to USS for three times now but I've never tried all the rides yet maybe I always spent my time taking photos or I'm just scary cat. It is so ironic that I love and enjoy going to amusement parks but not the rides. 

This is my way of showing how I enjoyed being in USS.Enjoy!!!

1st visit : with my Pashi and ate Mei

2nd visit : with siao siao

3rd visit : with my siblings and siao siao

During my third visit we only paid $5 SGD each instead of instead of $72 SGD as we entered around 6:00 PM just to watch the fireworks show. I think the late entrance for 5 dollars is a good deal for tourists who want to enjoy but does not have enough time and money to spend or for girls like me who loves amusement park but are not fan of rides.

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