Sunday, 17 August 2014

OOTD : be bright as the sun

It's now Monday again and weekends just passed by so quickly why oh why?!!. 

Everyone or most of us hates Monday but today is an exception for me. That is because today we are celebrating my father's birthday and I could not be happier coz my parents are here in Singapore. When working abroad leaves are so precious and so difficult to get. At the moment it is impossible for me to take leaves but Jesus made a way for us to celebrate together. I could not be happier today but I still don't love Mondays.  

Just like my face whenever Monday comes the prints on my shirt were of that pizza with sad face. Though the prints were not that happy I still love it because of the vibrant yellow color like that of the sun. When I bought the shirt I did not hesitate because I know it would be perfect for my USS trip and it was indeed! Again we visited USS for the nth time this year and I'm still not sick of it. Here are the photos of my #ootd session hope you like it.


Details :-

Top :- Graphic t-shirt from Somerset Flea Market
Bottom :- Denim shorts from Cotton On 
Bottom :- Denim long sleeves from Bugis Street (tied on the waist)
Bag :- Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC
Accessories :- Shades from H&M
Accessories :- Silver bracelet from H&M and Skull bracelet from GMarket
Accessories :- Silver rings from H&M
Shoes :- Black shoes with spikes from Bugis Street 

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