Thursday, 19 June 2014

Travel Diary : Seoul Day 4

It was rainy in Seoul during our day four so our plans were ruined. But, hey rain or shine Seoul is still lovely so we kept our spirits high. Part of our revised plan is to stay indoors as much as possible. Our first target destination was CoEx mall, it is a large underground shopping center.

started my day with this yum drink from Lime Tree cafe
cute signs from a pub near our hotel
cute tiles mosaic in Anguk station

When we arrived at CoEx mall after travelling so many train stations away we felt very very disappointed because its under renovation #whataday. Only few shops are open and we did not find anything interesting and cheap.

Instead of ruining our day we decided to satisfy our taste buds so we had our lunch at Mr. Pizza and dessert and coffee at Caffe Bene in a row. Actually we thought of watching a Korean movie but we got scared that our nose might bleed because obviously there won't be any subtitles. 

Even though we were sad and disappointed with our CoEx visit we still want to make the rest of our day 4 a memorable one so we went around Hongdae. There were so many chic girls and cool kids on the block because its near Hongkik University.  
shoe selfie
train station

There were cutesy and fab items I spotted while walking along the streets but most of the items are for cold season. I did not bought a thing because I know I will not be able to use them in sunny Singapore. 

While around Hongdae we made sure to visit Trick Eye Museum because one of my fave K-drama Heartstrings had one of their episodes here. Another reason why we opted to stay indoors is that its so freakin' cold outside. There were many cafes, restaurants and different establishments around the area but we were unable to check them out due to time constraint. 

Oh yeah, we also checked out Ice Museum which was part of the tix we got. Ice Museum is just small so we did not took that much time and we did not wish to stay longer anyways. 

After staying indoors for more than three hours we decided to take another quick stroll around the area before heading back home. It was indeed very quick one since we did not wear proper clothes that day. 

It was late when we reached Anguk station but we went back to our hotel first before eating. We were shivering like babies so we rest for a bit. Since of of restaurants and shops are closed we settled with somewhat semi Korean fast-food chain near Starbucks. The food comforted us that night but it was not that yum. Our day 4 was not the productive compared to others but its okay we have some more days :D

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