Thursday, 19 June 2014

Travel Diary : Seoul Day 2 cont...

Let us continue our day 2...We bought Combination Ticket for Palaces for 10, 000 won. I advise you to buy this combo ticket if you have enough time since at the end of the day its cheaper compared to buying separate tickets.

The first official palace we visited is Changdeokgung Palace. I was kinda excited to visit this one because Secret Garden is located here.   

took this one while I was across the other street
excited tourists
just perfect 
blurry but treasured couple pic
how asians take awesome picture :D
our classic timer photo
While we were waiting for the Secret Garden tour to start we spotted these cute babies dressed like adults, just so adorbs...

I was so freaking happy that I have visited this historical place. However, I sort of forgot what each building is called and the history behind it (sorry I'm a bad blogger). 

jump shot inside the palace
our failed attempt booo!!!

I was so tired after the Secret Garden tour because its just too big and we went to very steep areas. Also we must keep pace with our tour guide because no one is allowed to tour the place without her. Ladies make sure not to wear heels if you will pay a visit at Secret Garden or else you'll be left out. We were so overwhelmed with the tour that we skipped our lunch. 

our tour guide

a tourist photo while we are on our tour break

750 year old tree
off we go
one last jump shot before we go

After the tour we traveled our way to Seoul station. There was nothing particular that we planned to see here but since the station name carries the name Seoul we were expecting to see more. Unfortunately, we did not see something that were interesting except for the below structures and busy travelers. 
We had our quick snack at KFC but I did not attempt to do a foodie photo because the place was too packed and there was nothing new on the chicken hahaha. 
Seoul Square
dunno the name srsly

travelers buying tix for KTX

Since we regained our energy our restless feet decided to go to Namdaemun/Sungnyemun Gate. The gate was one of the eight gates that surrounded Seoul during Joseon Dynasty. Did you know that before 2008 fire Namdaemun was the oldest wooden structure in Seoul (from wikipedia). We were able to visit Namdaemum market but we did not got anything except for my fish cake :D. 

We did not want to stop the fun hence we headed to ever famous Myeondong for shopping and dinner. I really love the vibe in Myeongdong, its just full of lights and life. Everywhere I looked different beauty and make-up shops are there its such heaven for all girls. You can also shop international brands here but I suggest you to try the local brands if its within your budget. In my case I did not have that much of budget to spend so I just got a blue sweater from random shop for 10,000 won, glass from Red eye, Mascara and colored eyeliner from Clio. 

Finally our feet gave up and our stomachs are screaming hence we went to Yoogane for dinner. I love how we ended our second day with a super yummy meal. The fried rice with mozzarella cheese is such a bomb its so genius :D.

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