Thursday, 12 June 2014

Travel Diary : Seoul Day 1

Ah! finally I am writing this overdue post after 7 long months #betterlatethannever. My Seoul trip was the best trip I had so far in my entire life #dreamcometrue.

It was indeed very long hours of flight from SG to KL then KL to Seoul. We arrived at Incheon airport around 10:00 AM so we were dead hungry and uber sleepy. Even though our souls and our heads are still floating we first settled the transpo to our hotel. We took a bus from Incheon airport to Anguk station actually I forgot the exact fare but as far as I remember its 10, 000 won. I was so confident to take the bus because during my prep period I saw this informative post from Kampungboycitygal blog. You may also check at the Information counter at the airport if you are still unsure. 

sneaky photo while at the Immigration

finally saw this one. its total kpop moment LOL
Ooh! our life savers #bananamilk and dunno the other flava
airport bus 
these days stop signal and traffic are bloggers BFF #bloggerduties
After 25-35 minutes of travelling by bus we alighted at a bus stop near Anguk station then walk 5 minutes to our hotel. It is not yet check-in time but we were so eager to get to know Seoul. We wasted no time and went to Gyeongbokgung palace since it is just 10 minutes walk away from our hotel. 

Gyeongbokgung yahoo!!!

so grand and detailed

 being so touristy :)

 even my cat is sleepy so forgive my no make-up duck face

royal guard and my king <3
Mr. Pogi hehehe
We did not actually toured the whole palace because we have not yet bought our tickets, we just did our preview. After taking our touristy pix we left the place and visited King Sejong monument which is 5 minutes away. Oh yeah we saw a live performance of traditional dancers too for free. I am overjoyed because with just few hours in Seoul I saw a lot of beautiful things already. 

thanks to him the Korean alphabets called Hangul existed
traditional performance for free :D

After our mandatory tourist pix with King Sejong we headed back to our hotel. It is still not yet check-in time but its lunch time already hence we tried the restaurant around the area.

korean side dishes
best beef bulgogi i tried

Satisfied and solved :D burp!!! The super yum lunch made our 8 hour flight so worth it. 

We headed back to hotel which was 15 steps away since its check-in time. Actually the hotel we stayed in was previously a motel hehehe but since its affordable and near Insadong we love it there. We loved our stay at SarangBang though its not that new. The staff at SarangBang was so nice though he does not speak fluent English. There were two things I did not like though since there is no elevator and the bathroom is not that okay. We regained our energy after resting for a bit but when in Seoul there is no time to waste. We headed to Insadong and around Jonggak MTR station which were 5 and 20 minutes away respectively and just roamed where our feet brought us.

Starbucks in Seoul nice
weird looking ice cream cone
street food WOW
Bosingak.. though the bell is not visible here

i'm so tempted to try this
egg bread...nom my fave street food from Seoul. when in Seoul this is a must try!

Instead of going all out for dinner we chose to have it at Lotte fast food. I ordered shrimp burger and just normal one for my boyfriend. We did not like it much because the burgers were too dry. Out of the many options from their menu we chose the not so yummy ones meh huhuhu. While on our way back to our hotel I spotted an ahjumma selling lots and lots of fried food so of course I tried it.  

the sleepy head
ahjumma and her fried food galore

To end our night we dropped by Ssamziegil and went for a little bit of souvenir shopping on the streets. The night was still young but we have to rest since we did not have proper sleep and we still have more days to explore Seoul. Hope you enjoyed my travel diary though its very long. I still have tons of pictures from our first day but decided not to upload them as you might get bored.

cutesy items

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