Thursday, 19 June 2014

Travel Diary : Seoul Day 3

We started our third day with our visit to Gyeongbokgung palace. We did not took much time inside the palace because we had enough already from our second day adventure. After a quick tour inside the palace we decided to go to The National Folk Museum of Korea. My boyfriend enjoyed our visit to the museum because he is so much into history while me on the other hand got bored :D.  I plead him that we should go out or else I'll die from boredom. Good thing he loves me that much that he heard my wish #habanghair. 

couple pic with someone hihihi :)

failed jump shot but never mind the background is jaw dropping
being all touristy with a peace sign

wooden shoes

oh those walls are love

That morning we did not have anything for breakfast so we were died hungry. We opted to have lunch near our hotel so in case we'll have nature call it will be easier hihihi :D. 

We love the decor and the love notes at Miss Lee Cafe. The menu was not that good since they only have few items. Obviously we tried the kimchi lunch box which they are famous for. Boyfie did not like the food at all because he was expecting to have kbbq lunch during that time. It is not that appetizing to look at after mixing but since I did not had breakfast I finished it all #burp. We went to our hotel after our lunch to have our siesta time zzzZZZzzzz!!!. 

while on our way to Miss Lee Cafe

lunch box with ric,  kimchi, egg, sausage and seaweed
patbingsu somewhat Korean halo-halo

serious me writing our love notes

Our limits were tested from the adventures we had on second day. We recharged our iPhone battery and our own battery for 3 hours then we started again. Payed our quick visit to Admiral Yi Shin monument and a part Cheonggyecheon stream.

looks very oldie after changing camera settings
lost girl wishing Lee Min Ho will come find me LOL

Right after snapping some touristy photos we went to Dongdaemun for shopping yipee. But before the shopping adventure we had our merienda at Tom n Toms Coffee. When in Seoul you will see tons of coffee shops and cafes . Based on what I remember I saw more coffee shops than convenience stores srsly!!!

new mall

Our taste buds craved for something salty so stopped when we saw these yummy street food. We feast again just 5 minutes after having our merienda #katakawantothemax.

After following the wish of our taste buds now its time to follow the wish of my heart oh boy I was not able to shop to my heart's content. To be honest I was a bit disappointed because I thought I would be able to score good finds at cheap price. I am not sure if I was too picky or just did not visit the right place. 

I was kinda expecting more from Dongdaemun but so sad I did not score much. Feeling a bit low we headed back to Jonggak station where we planned to have our dinner. Boyfie was craving for kbbq since our day one. We are still unable to find any of those AYCE kbbq place so we settled with Kang Ho Dong restaurant. See my other post here. Ended our day three with a yummy dinner again and that too authentic kbbq from Seoul oh yeah!!!

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