Friday, 28 February 2014

Miss Lee Cafe at Insadong

If you are travelling on a budget and an avid kpop fan (CNBLUE and SNSD) then head over to Miss Lee Cafe. Miss Lee Cafe became famous to tourists and kpop fans after Korean reality TV show "We Got Married" filmed with YongSeo couple (Yonghwa of CN Blue and SeoHyun of Girls’ Generation). It has 3 branches in Seoul (Myeongdong, Insadong, near Hyehwa station). To get to their branch in Insadong alight at Anguk station and take Exit 6, walk until you see G25 convenience store and take the stairs to the 2nd floor. The cafe is very famous for their metal box meal used by Koreans in the past.

We visited the one in Insadong since its near at our hotel plus its the same location visited by YongSeo couple. You will see a lot of cute signs, logos and celebrity pictures posted on your way up that will make you excited. I am in awe when we entered the cafe because I saw tons of little notes hanging everywhere, its my first time seeing that much #jawdrop #inlove. 

The food choices were very limited so we ordered bibimbap in metal box (rice, seaweed, egg, kimchi and sausage) and patbingsu set that costs 24,000 won. The patbingsu made our meal expensive but you can have their famous bibimbap for only 6,000 won. Before eating you should mix all the ingredients together like normal bibimbap then cover the metal box with the lid and shake shake it (instructions can be found on their menu). The bibimbap is not that yum but very filling and is okay for the price. The cafe's bibimbap is good for travelers on a budget or travelers who ran out of cash since they bought many souvenirs in Insadong hehehe! 

The cafe's ambiance is awesome, lovers and bloggers will love this place. There so many cute stuffs and notes hanging everywhere its like an organized chaos. Since we were there we also left a note <3. I love how cafes and restaurants in Seoul allow people to express their happiness and love. Most cafes and restaurants allow people to write notes on their walls, tables, chairs and almost everywhere #memoriesthatlast.

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