Saturday, 22 February 2014

Lunch at Burger vs Wings + Bar

There is a newly opened restaurant/bar called Burger vs Wings + Bar (BWB) located at 11th floor of Orchard Central. We got both their ongoing promotion from : Signature Hot Buffalo Wings and the Signature Tyson Peanut Butter that comes with free flow of tapas. Before even entering the restaurant/bar I felt like I'll have a good time because the location is oh so perfect and the concept of the restaurant was inspired by Man vs Food. There is no doubt that I enjoyed their food and the free flow of tapas (anything with buffet excites me LOL). The selection on their tapas buffet consists of salads, pasta , some fried items, fresh fruits, cakes and ice cream. However, I did not try everything on the tapas buffet because I want to try the main dish. I was very pleased and satisfied with the buffalo wings with the honey mustard dip.  I might come back here to try their bar and other ala carte items. The food, ambiance and the good service from the attentive staffs are the reasons why I would come back to a restaurant even without a voucher. Here are some of the photos I took when we had our food fight at BWB. 

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