Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dinner at Kang Ho Dong Restaurant near Jonggak station

Part of my bucket list is to dine at AYCE kbbq restaurant while in Seoul however its been our third day but we have not seen one. My boyfie and I was so desperate to have authentic kbbq and since we were hungry that time we went to the nearest and affordable kbbq restaurant around Jonggak station. The illustration in front of the restaurant added a factor in choosing the restaurant since he seems kinda familiar to me. After entering the restaurant we came to know that it is owned by celebrity Kang Ho Dong from Strong Heart.

We were satisfied with our first kbbq dinner in Seoul since the food was yum and the price was reasonable even though it was not AYCE kbbq. The staffs were so accommodating and friendly, one ahjussi even gave us some kbbq lessons. The staffs also gives us gochujang, banchan, water and green leafy veg refill without even asking and they change the grill regularly.We ended our third day in Seoul with a bang by having authentic kbbq dinner which will never be forgotten. Sharing with you some of the photos we took including their menu.

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