Sunday, 6 July 2014

OOTD : max it out

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
Hmmm it was last week for me, the first time I colored my entire hair. Actually I am afraid of trying something new but when it comes to my hair its a different thing. Even though the outcome did not came as expected I am trying to enjoy and have fun with it. Another first I did was wearing a maxi dress, for the longest time I wanted to wear one. I just find maxi dresses so effortlessly chic but my height does not permit me to try one. Thanks to the heavens for granting my wish, so yeah here I am rockin' my first ever maxi dress. BTW just recently I've learned from my sister that maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins can be altered with your desired length. If I would have learned that they can alter it to my height I think my cabinet will be full of them :D. 

Dress :- Black maxi dress from H&M
Top: - Black vest from H&M
Bag :- Black clutch with studs -- freebie from Rihanna perfume
Accessories :- Silver necklace with spikes from H&M
Accessories :- Shades from H&M
Accessories :- Skull ring from H&M
Accessories :- Skull bracelet from Tomato
Accessories :- Bracelets from a friend
Accessories :- Earrings from New Look
Shoes :- Gray flats with spikes from Rubi

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