Thursday, 3 July 2014

OOTD : keep it real

If you love someone or something it is hard to hide it. Hmmmm, I won't lie I'm so in too black again. If you've seen my previous post  you might already know that I've been black out again with black. I may seem boring but hey you can't blame me there is something with black that makes me gaga. Whenever I am wearing something black I feel confident and rich hahaha!!.
But lately there is something new that I've discovered -- love for anything white, I'm not sure if its part of growing up. Anyhow, here is another #ootd in black. I wore a textured crop top over a dress and finished the look by tying black & white cardigan. 

P.S.: Gals please don't mind if I keep repeating pieces here and there because right now I try not to shop and just work whatever I have on my cabinet. xoxo ;)

Details :-

Top :- Textured crop top from Her Velvet Vase
Bottom :- Black dress worn as skirt from H&M 
Bottom :- Stripes cardigan from Cotton On
Bag :- Balenciaga
Accessories :- Gold tiger necklace from Cotton On
Accessories :- Gold rings from H&M
Accessories :- Gold bracelets from H&M
Shoes :- Sandals from H&M

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