Saturday, 7 December 2013

Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet at Chinatown

I love korean dramas and kpop and my love for anything korean also extends in my food choices. As part of my birthday celebration we went to Ssikkek Korean Grill  BBQ at Chinatown to stuff our faces and our tummy with kbbq goodness. According to my friend its better to make reservation as the place is always packed with hungry people. I made a reservation 2 days in advance but I was surprised when we went on a Saturday afternoon the place has more seats than I expected, so I guess reservation is not really required as the place can accommodate walk-in customers. However, reservation is required if you are planning to stay for more that 2 hours as customers who made reservation can stay longer than walk-in customers (only 2 hours)

Sharing with you the meaty experience we had in Ssikkek. The buffet consists of both marinated and non-marinated meat but most of the selection is either beef or pork. They also have cooked food available such as ttoekbokki, spicy chicken, japchae, fried food (found in action station), salads, and fruits . While paying at the cashier I noticed the instant ramyun noodles section which is also part of the buffet selection but I was too full so I didn't have one. In Ssikkek they also sell Melona ice cream for $1 too bad its not part of the dessert or else I could have finish around 10 (hahaha!)

I prefer the food in Ssikkek over Seoul Garden because I found the meat in Ssikkek fresh plus they have the samgyupsal and lettuce which I really like. The buffet will cost around S$28 per pax with the taxes. 

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