Friday, 20 December 2013

Kiseki at Orchard Central

I've been craving for Japanese food lately hence on my birthday we went to Kiseki to have a dinner buffet. I am happy whenever I go to buffet restaurants because I can eat as long as I want but these days there is another reason that gets me excited. It excites me to take food shots and upload them here on my blog. I think I'll keep going back to Kiseki because they have wide varieties in their buffet selection ranging from fresh seafood, sushi, sashimi, grills, fried food, pasta, pizza and desserts. 

Top 5 people who would love to go to Kiseki

1. Sashimi lovers
2. Green Tea lovers
3. Fried food lovers
4. Food lovers and food bloggers
5. People who look for value for money (I guess everyone LOL)

Kiseki is one of the blockbuster buffet restaurant in Singapore I've been to so make sure to make a reservation on their site or come a little early so you won't get caught in the long queues. The restaurant is located at 8th floor of Orchard Central and the nearest MRT station is Somerset station. I think the great location also adds to the reason why a lot of people dine here aside from the wide array of Japanese food with addition of Western food (pizza and pasta). Kiseki is THE place to be if you want to eat like a king but still be rich as a king.

Slice fruits and Chocolate fondue

Ice cream toppings

Fresh Seafood


Skewers and Fried food

First round :)




Waffle Station
Green Tea Pudding

Fried Food
Salad Station

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