Sunday, 8 December 2013

Menya Musashi Tokatora at Bugis

We found a new ramen place in Bugis Junction last November "Menya Musashi Tokatora". We were so hungry when we arrived at the ramen place hence we ordered the ramen in their special set menu. While ordering you have to tick or check your order on a piece of paper given together with the menu, you have to choose what type of soup you'll have (white, black or red). White soup is the original, black is garlic and red is chili. The set menu we ordered consists of a bowl of ramen and a side dish.

I opted for a black soup and fried mushroom while my boyfriend had white soup based ramen and chicken karaage. I love the black soup over the white soup as it is tastier and richer. Another thing to commend about their ramen is the chashu and the fried bean curd which a replacement for a piece of seaweed which normal ramen has. We enjoyed the chashu as it has that burnt sides (hahaha weirdo!). The only thing we did not like is the type and quantity of the noodles #toodryramen. 

Will I ever come back on this ramen place? The answer is yes because I love the soup and chashu and fried mushroom side dish. However, I don't recommend the place to people who don't like salty food. Enjoy!!!

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