Thursday, 7 November 2013

Our Ninja Moves in Seoul

Tourists would like to take or must take a picture to any important landmarks or any beautiful spot in a country they are visiting, that is a rule and I guess the only rule that no one is breaking these days. Anyhow, my point is if you are taking tourists photos make sure to strike your best pose, give your biggest smile and do crazy stunts to make it memorable. When I say crazy stunts either take  #jumpshots for beginners and cartwheel #tumblingshots for pro. 

On our recent trip to Seoul we made sure to take jumpshots on historical palaces or landmarks. It is too tiring to jump especially when you have to repeat it because sometimes the timing when the photographer clicks the button and the time you jump are not in sync. On our 2nd day in Seoul we started to take our jumpshots using conventional way (counting 123 then jump) but on the 6th day my boyfriend used the burst option on his camera to avoid too many attempts. Burst mode is a good idea but I like the conventional way as the pictures are more sharp. Conventional way of taking jumpshots takes a lot of effort but its definitely worth it, just be careful while jumping so you won't get hurt. Btw my jumps are not that high because I can't lift myself these days #imtooheavy and too much jumping on our 2nd day caused some pain on my knee which lasted for 4 days (somehow it ruined some of our plans and had hard time taking the stairs #whatapainfulmistake). Hope you'll have fun seeing these ninja moves of ours. Enjoy!!!

My version :

His version:

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