Friday, 15 November 2013

Caffe Bene in Seoul

On our 4th day in Seoul it rained like anything hence we could not continue on our touristy adventures. We stayed indoors and had a chance to rest and relax in a coffee shop. Caffe Bene is one of the popular and big franchised coffee shops in Seoul its like Seoulites own version of Coffee Bean or Starbucks.

We ordered choco-banana waffle and two coffee mocha. Too bad the whip cream on top of the waffle melted and it looks like a waffle covered in melted marshmallow but i still can't help to take pictures of it #fortheloveofinstagram. When I think of Caffe Bene what comes to my mind is waffles and patbingsu, I really wanted to try their patbingsu as its too pretty as seen on other instagram photos but then again its raining and the weather is so cold so I decided not to have it #regrets. Another thing to love about Caffe Bene is that they offer free internet usage, they have two Mac computers on the shop we visited near Coex mall.

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