Friday, 15 November 2013

Lime Tree Cafe in Seoul

Seoul is not just home for our KPOP idols but its the home for super duper cute coffee shops and cafes. There are tons of cafes in Seoul and you can find them literally everywhere, too bad I did not have a chance to visit many shops. It was my first time in Seoul hence I visited the tourist spots which means I spent my day mostly roaming around instead of staying indoors. On my next trip in Seoul I'll make sure to visit as many cutesy and artsy cafes. Anyhow, enough of the sad story sharing with you one of the few coffee experience I had.

Lime Tree is a small two-story cafe near Anguk station with cutesy interior and warm ambiance. It became a shelter for me on that rainy morning in Seoul. The caffe mocha and the warm ambiance made me feel safe. 

Seoulites love their coffee so much that these non-franchised cafes can survived in the market as well. The unique cafes in Seoul is a great testimony that anyone who loves what he does can be successful without being dictated by the society, there is so much freedom in Seoul to express your artsy side and creativity.


  1. Hopefully, on your next visit we'll be to go together. Would love visiting cafes as well. :)

  2. I'd love to travel with u gurl...let me know when u'll want to visit Seoul i'll make time for it