Thursday, 20 June 2013

Dinner at Baja Fresh

There is something about Mexican food that is so addictive so when I saw Baja Fresh store on Rendezvous Hotel my tummy smiled :). I first came to know about Baja Fresh on one TV show in Channel 5 when they featured US branches and I became an instant fan right there and then.

After going to church we usually have quick snacks like tofu fries, milk tea or crispy chicken from "I <3 Taimei" but since mass ended a little bit late we wanted to have dinner instead. I had a great idea (hahaha!!) and asked my brothers to try out Baja Fresh though I am on a diet at that week.

We ordered combo meal good for 2 pax coz we don't want to waste our time thinking what to order (yeah sometimes we're like that lazy), also when in doubt order the promo combo meal. The combo meal that we ordered includes Baja Ensalada, Mini Chicken Burrito, Pork Quesadilla and 2 soft drinks, however we upgraded our drinks to bottled Mojito.

The food taste yum and fresh but for me its kinda expensive if you based it on the food serving size. The combo meal is not that worth it so may be next time I'll try ordering ala carte items and their ice margarita which is for S$5 only. There will be service charge added to your bill though its a fast food store but if you really want to satisfy your cravings for Mexican food and spending money is not a problem then Baja Fresh is for you. 

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