Saturday, 30 March 2013

I love Ramen

It is no doubt that Japanese food is so delicious and one of the best. Out of the long list of super yummy Japanese food "ramen" is my all time favourite (ramen is not only Naruto's favourite but mine as well.). Though I've never been to Japan I still satisfy my cravings and taste buds thanks to wide variety of food we have here in Singapore.

from one of Ramen Champion store
from one of Ramen Champion store

from one of Ramen Champion store

from one of Ramen Champion store
Cha Su Tonkatsu Ramen from RamenPlay

my fave and my boyfriend's fave ramen

Cha Su Double Soup Ramen from Ramen Play
from Aoba
from RamenTen
 from Ajisen
from a Jap restaurant in Dhoby Ghaut

The best I had so far is Cha Su Double Soup Ramen, whenever we visit RamenPlay I get so excited every time but still I am ordering the same thing over and over again starting on the day I tried it. My boyfriend has his favorite ramen as well from same restaurant Cha Su Tonkatsu Ramen so whenever we order it is a default that we will choose F4 and F8 code on the order form without looking at the menu. 
The soup and the noodles from RamenPlay are the best compared to Ajisen where there noodles is just like a spaghetti pasta. Visit for more information on their menu and locations.

Aside from RamenPlay, I started trying Ramen Champion in Bugis+ where there are 6 stores selling different style of the best ramen. Visit for more details. I am starting to love this place because there is a lot of options to choose from , there are many seats available  and ambiance is like a real Japanese ramen house (though I've never been to one hahaha) but one thing I dislike is that there is no free water, drinks are too overpriced!

Even though I have found "the one" (Cha Su Double Soup) there is still long journey for me to discover and taste the best ramen. In my next life (if there is) I want to be a Japanese so I can eat ramen everyday.

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