Sunday, 24 March 2013

OOTD : opposites attract

The weather keeps changing these days, sometimes it is super duper hot while just few hours later there will be heavy rains. Today it is like that when I look outside our flat I can see the sun shining so bright but when I was getting ready for the church I can see the sky is getting darker. The kind of weather on a particular day can determine your mood, your food preference and even your outfit. 

As the weather is unpredictable I choose an outfit that can be worn rain or shine.
Today I wore my fave green shorts paired with super light gray shirt since my top and bottom are made from cotton both are perfect for hot summer days. I added a flower scarf so in case it rains I have another piece which I can use for additional warmth. I wore my espadrille shoes together with my fave fake gold accessories to complete my whole outfit. 

with all the elements together except shoes
opposites attract

selca with my cat eyes
My outfit for today can be interpreted in either ...  way
1. girly or boyish 
2. chic or sporty
3. hot or cold
4. summer or rainy

flower scarf and gold accessories gave the feminine feel

shoes created the sporty and boyish feel

Remember this rule "opposites do attract", so don't be afraid to mix things and different elements together you might be surprise on the outcome. Combine feminine and masculine, branded and thrifty items, patterns and plains, old and new. Happy mixing and matching ;)

Top :- Gray shirt from Cotton On ($10)
Bottom :- Green shorts from Bugis ($12)
Bag :- Black bag with gold chain from H&M ($24.90)
Accessories :- Necklace from H&M ($14.90)
Accessories :- Ring from H&M ($3.90)
Accessories :- Bracelets (spike and brown leather)
Shoes :- Espadrille shoes from New Look ($15)  

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