Friday, 8 February 2013

Tea time & Chat time

Friday nights are the best time to party but since I am not a party girl & I am not really feeling well last night I had a tea party instead. 

Partying is not all about dancing and about loud music sometimes it is about relaxing and chatting with someone and listening to what the others have to say about their day or their life. Tea parties can be enjoyed any time of the day you can have it either before or after meal. Yesterday I had this tea set from 'Little House of Dreams' with my boyfriend called 'Marie Tea Set', the name itself reminds me of England and queens :). I am so happy that I spent my time with my prince charming :)) chatting and day-dreaming while sipping a cup of tea and enjoyin' sweet little treats at least it eases the pain of not having my girl friends beside me.

Marie Tea Set includes:

2 petite cupcakes and 2 choc dessert
2 savoury canapes and 2 petite scones
1 pot of tea
I am not that satisfied on the size of serving (I want more!!!) and the ambiance but overall experience was good as it is the first time I enjoyed tea without milk :) and spending quality time with siao siao.

I am looking forward for more tea parties to schedule on my date book where I can sip a cup of tea, chitchat with my friends and eat yummy treats in a cozy and relaxing cafe.

rose tea (without milk) surprisingly i love it

my 2013 date book from Tomato
sweet and savory treats

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