Sunday, 17 February 2013

OOTD : red velvet

It is rainy season already during these days all I want is to stay at home watch Korean dramas or just sleep all day. Today it is raining hard as usual but since it is a special day I need not force myself, I am just happy and so full of energy to go out and have my date <3. 

Today is one of the most celebrated day for all couples all over the world, Valentine's Day !!! Love is in the air :). 

As it is a special day I tried something new. I don't really wear skirt but since the cut and length of the skater skirt is just perfect hence I've decided to try it on. I paired it with long sleeve polo with black cross prints to still give it a rock star feel.

As mentioned in my previous post I will write articles on some of the outfits I'll be wearing wherein the cost will be less than or equal to 50 dollars (excluding bag and accessories).The total cost of my "red velvet" outfit is $64 over my threshold limit :((. I will try to stay within budget next time :) but hope you like my first outfit post.

Top :- Long sleeve with black cross prints from  H&M (24)
Bottom :- Red velvet skater skirt from Bugis (15)
Shoes :- Neutral wedge shoes from Mimosa (25)
Bag:- Red bag from Charles and Keith (from credit card points)
Accessories :- Necklace from Gmarket (8) and Bracelets from Forever21 (13)

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