Sunday, 9 November 2014

OOTD : just do it

Technology greatly affected how we live our lives today. Our society these days won't survive without it. Can you survive without your smartphone or without wifi? I guess not...We are so much dependent on technology because we are afraid of the fact of "not being connected". If you are happy taking selfie or chatting in Whatsapp or uploading photos in your Instagram then go ahead. No one can or will stop you from doing what you want anyways but be considerate of people who matters to you.However, anything that is excess is bad so we must use it with moderation. I fell into this addiction of taking my #ootd whenever I go out on weekends and I snapping food shots before having our meals. I became too busy getting approvals and attention of others that I forgot who really matters to me. Hopefully I will be able to use technology wisely and with moderation and I hope you will too ;)... xoxo

Details :-

Top :- White top from H&M
Bottom :- Stripes skirt from SM Department Store
Bag :- Fendi
Accessories :- Gold with pearl necklace from H&M
Accessories :- Gold earrings from H&M
Accessories :- Gold bracelet from H&M
Accessories :- White and gold bracelet from Paperdolls
Shoes :- Blue velvet flats from SM Department Store

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