Monday, 27 January 2014

OOTD : feline class

I guess I was from a cat family on my previous life because I love leopard print so much. During my younger days whenever I see leopard prints on any piece of clothing my heart always skips a beat however the love faded after seeing too much. I think another reason why I stop wearing this print is because I've seen so much wrong pairings that it kinda look cheap. Now that I am maturing on my style I've started to fall in love again #firstloveishardtoforget. Remember the key to looking classy while wearing any leopard print piece is to pair it with black or any neutral color #stayclassynevertrashy.

Details :-

Top :- Tallulah Textured suit (only top was worn) from Her Velvet
Bottom :- Leopard print maxi skirt from Landmark
Bag :- Fendi
Accessories :- Casio Watch
Accessories :- Gold rings from H&M
Accessories :- Gold bracelet from H&M
Accessories :- Gold necklace with mini cross from H&M
Shoes :- Brown shoes from Compass Point

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