Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Meaty Buffet Lunch

Buffet luch/dinner promotions always caught my attention when checking deals on www.groupon.sg or www.deal.com.sg but there are things I consider before buying
1. Location and ambiance
2. Food choices/cuisine type
3. Amount

The latest voucher that I bought from groupon cost 14.90 SGD for a buffet lunch @ Chang Korean Buffet in Bugis.

Once we entered the restaurant we were greeted by very approachable Filipino staffs and Kpop music show is being played in a big TV screen. The high ceiling and white paint made the ambiance cool and clean. The food at this buffet consists of uncooked and marinated beef, pork, chicken, dory fish, mussels, shrimp and freshly cut vegetables (squash, chilli  bell pepper, onion). There are also cooked food choices ttoekbokki, macaroni salad and kimchi while waiting for the grilled meat. The buffet also includes dessert 2 flavours of ice cream but not drinks, hence we have to buy separately.

There are big portions of meat that were marinated in two types with chilli and without chilli. Meat that were marinated with chilli can be easily distinguish, the reddish colour :).
The first batch of meat that we placed on the grill took time to cook as we have placed them in the wrong place, good thing a Filipino staff told us the correct way. Uncook meat should be placed on the sides of the grill as the bulbs are located on the sides and the cooked meat should be placed in the middle so it will stay warm.

We ate the grilled meat by wrapping it with the fresh lettuce and putting sauce (soy sauce, sesame oil and salt, and chilli paste); the way Koreans eat.

I am so satisfied with the Groupon voucher that I bought and the experience I had at Chang restaurant. I feel closer to my KPOP idols by trying ttoekbokki, grilled meat wrap in lettuce and eating semi-sticky rice :).

Here are some of the snaps we had during our meaty lunch buffet.

2nd Batch of Meat and Veg

Ttoekbokki and rice

Meat choices (my last batch of meat to grill)

Its so nice to be a carnivore :)) happy me

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