Monday, 22 June 2015

To Be Alive Collection Launch at Illamasqua Takashimaya

Last Saturday I was able to attend the launch of "To Be Alive" collection at Illamasqua Takashimaya. It was indeed special for me because it was my first time attending such event. Big shout out and thanks to Clozette family and of course Ms. Lystra for the invite. 

To Be Alive collection consists of items primarily in different shades of blue. Though the collection also features different colours of lipstick and contour sticks. The lipstick in cobalt blue is the most noticeable item in the collection for me. It is a shocking blue and I think I need to gather all of my strength and courage to be able to wear it. Part of the collection is the eyeshadow palette which has three powder and one cream which I think is  very wearable. My favourite item from the collection is the shiny lipgloss which can be worn alone or with your lipstick. It gives dimension and depth because of the light reflecting technology.

During the event we were able to witness and learn from celebrity makeup artist Mr. Larry Yeo on how to embrace the collection. He showed us that there is nothing to be afraid of in trying this colour. Actually he is already leading by example since he was sporting a smoky eye using the eyeshadow pallete. 

Aside from the live make up tutorial I was able to enjoy the event by taking pictures of various Illamasqua products and day dreaming that I could have all of their products. But, then I have to pull myself back to reality. So I just got foundation, brush and a eyebrow powder. After spending $120+ I was able to acquire 6 lipsticks for free as part of their promotions, which is a pretty good deal. I was already happy with the freebies but my happiness was brought to the next level when I won the lucky draw. I was one of the 4 lucky girls who received $300 worth of Illamasqua products. Up until now I'm still happy because it was my first time to have won on a lucky draw in my entire life :D. I just wish I could use  these products well and justify their worth. It is because I am really a newbie when it comes to make up and I always mess up when applying anything even my lipstick or my eyeliner. Wish me luck gurls and hope you like this post. xoxo

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