Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lunch at Sukiya Plaza Singapura

I had a happy tummy again after having our lunch at Sukiya. Sukiya is a restaurant that offers eat all you can shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. I am not a fan of shabu-shabu because most of the places I visited did not offer nice broth. I was so happy that I got to dine at Sukiya and I was able to appreciate shabu-shabu because their broth was so good. It is my second time to dine here and I always go for Sukiyaki broth because of its sweet taste. There are 4 options for the broth (1) Sukiyaki (2) Shabu Shabu (3) Tonyu Miso and (4) Kimuchi. The meat that they offer are beef, pork and chicken. We always go for beef over chicken and pork (hahaha because we rarely buy it at home). The only thing I did not like about the restaurant is that they don't serve free water. Here I am sharing tons of pictures from their healthy bar, I was able to take this much because we were the first customer.

P.S. : Make sure to try their awesome chicken balls but be careful when eating cause the hot cheese inside will hurt your tounge :p

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